Ask a Shop Clerk: Airi Sasaki

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Why does New York need an origami shop and studio?
I think people here are already interested in crafty things, especially in Park Slope, where there are a lot of kids. Maybe it’s calming.

What’s the wildest origami you’ve ever made?
I mostly stick to flowers, but the owner, Taro Yaguchi, makes cars, trucks, planes, trains. He made a paper Cadillac with Obama in the back seat.

What’s been the most popular origami so far?
The beginner animal kits. We offer a twenty-minute drop-in class for $5, where kids can make a bear, fish, dog, or rabbit.

How are you going to turn a profit off $5 origami classes?
I have no idea. Maybe the fee is too cheap, but Taro wants to keep it low. For adults, we’re starting hourlong, $20 classes for making small ornaments, coasters, and boxes.

What if your kid’s rabbit doesn’t turn out? Do you get your money back?
Of course not. Maybe she can try again.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Airi Sasaki