Avery Glasser

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Why open a tasting room and shop devoted to bitters?
I was originally a beer geek, but my wife and I started making our own bitters in 2007.

So now you’re a bitters geek.
A drop of bitters makes a radical difference in a drink.

How many different kinds do you sell?
We’ll have 60 by mid-month; you can get a one-ounce pour of most everything on the shelf for $4.

Any favorites?
The most unusual is probably the celery shrub—it pairs really well with tequila and amber vermouth.

Why is there such a bitters craze right now?
I think it’s because it’s illegal to make your own whiskey or gin, but you can create your own bitters at home. It’s a way for people to contribute to the cocktail world.

Avery Glasser