Ask a Shop Clerk: Lianne Abalos

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Goorin Bros. is based in San Francisco. Did you move here to open the store?
Yes, and my hat collection took up five boxes. Luckily my apartment in Williamsburg has closet space.

How many hats do you own?
When I started at Goorin three years ago, I had one sad knit hat from Forever 21. Now I have 68.

What’s your most popular style?
Definitely the fedoras ($45 to $325).

Do customers usually come in knowing what they want?
A lot of people come in with pictures of Johnny Depp in a Panama hat.

Any other odd requests?
Someone asked if we do custom hats for pirates. It wasn’t anywhere close to Halloween.

What’s a good starter hat for those of us who aren’t normally hat people?
A duckbill or ivy style, especially for guys. They’re in the flat-cap family, so they’re an easy upgrade on wearing baseball caps.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Lianne Abalos