Ask a Shop Clerk: Wei Du and Alex Kasavin

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

You specialize in deadstock?
W.D.: Yes. Everything has original tags but is discounted up to 60 percent.
A.K.: They’re limited-distribution pieces by avant-garde designers from as far back as 2006. You’ll find, say, a Comme des Garçons boiled-polyester coat from 2008 alongside a recent pair of latex-dipped kangaroo-leather sneakers by Carol Christian Poell.

Where do you find the stuff?
W.D.: Most of it comes from our private-collector friends.

How did you tap into that network?
W.D.: The same way we met each other—through a cultish website where you trade clothes and geek out over the fit of a Boris Bidjan Saberi cardigan available only in Europe. Short supply provokes passionate interest.

Can anyone wear avant-garde clothes?
A.K.: Yes. I mean, I probably wouldn’t wear the gladiator-panel tee with a pair of khakis. But what we really love is when clients let us style them; they discover a side of themselves they didn’t know existed.

Interview by Jessica Silvester.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Wei Du and Alex Kasavin