Ask a Shop Clerk: Kelly Devine

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Devine

You sell luxury dog accessories and kids’ toys. That’s an interesting pairing.
It’s a combination of two different Japanese stores: Hannari for pets and Mother Garden for kids. The front of our store has down vests, schoolgirl jumpers, and other pet clothing from about $30, plus jeweled leashes and strawberry-shaped doghouses. The back is for kids, with handmade wooden stoves and refrigerators and pencils with strawberry-scented erasers.

Do you sell any two-in-one products?
People buy our plush kid blankets for their dogs. Also, our super-thick, lick-safe barrier cream: It prevents street salt from stinging dogs’ paws, but it also works miracles on dry knuckles.

And the $300 strollers are for …
Dogs. Our customers are definitely the type that’ll dress their Yorkie in $14,000 sequined gowns.

Interview by Jessica Silvester

Ask a Shop Clerk: Kelly Devine