Ask a Shop Clerk: Will Rojas

Photo: Michelle Feffer/New York Magazine

Are you the store’s namesake?
No. I’m referred to as Mr. Rojas here. We don’t want people to think I’m the Little Willy.

You sell British-inspired fashion for boys. What makes the clothing British?
We’re part of Lord Willy’s next door, which sells traditional English formalwear. So this is like what Lord Willy would wear if he were a boy. We’re known for our logoed classic button-ups.

Why does a child need a $125 shirt?
There are very few quality brands for boys. We try to be sophisticated yet playful while letting them express individuality.

Do you sell any casual options?
Yes—polo shirts and T-shirts. Two favorite graphic tees are GENTLEMAN IN TRAINING and WHEN I GROW UP I WANT A MOUSTACHE.

Anything for little ladies?
No. The door itself specifies, BOYS ONLY! We filter out girls.

Do you have to dress youthfully for work?
No, I get to wear the adult clothing from next door: made-to-measure button-ups and trousers.

How do you make shopping fun for boys?
We have books that make farting noises. So sometimes our posh British store is overrun with silly sounds.

Interview by Stephanie Emma Pfeffer.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Will Rojas