Ask a Shop Clerk: Emily Ansel, Makeup Artist

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Do you yourself have OCD?
It’s not a diagnosis, but I think a lot of makeup artists love organization and control.

Is that why everything in the store is vegan?
We use no animal by-products—not even beeswax or carmine, a coloring that comes from crushed-up insects. It’s just not necessary.

Do you have an all-vegan following?
The founder is vegan, but we’re not trying to push anyone. There are a lot of vegans in the neighborhood, especially with Moo Shoes and Babycakes nearby.

What’s your best seller?
Lip Tar, which is really long-lasting. I’ve used it on brides, and it lasts from the first kiss through the reception.

Your shades have interesting names:
Trollop, Stalker, Butch …A lot of ladies come in who aren’t afraid of color. They’ll go for NSFW, a classic red, or Hoochie, a purple-magenta. But Trick is the perfect nude—it looks good on everybody.

I take it most of your customers are young?
You’d be surprised. We have this beautiful coral Lip Tar called Grandma.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Emily Ansel, Makeup Artist