Ask a Shop Clerk: Chiara Busa

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

You sell boho clothes for little girls. Would you wear this stuff if it came in your size?
Sure, it’s chic and vintage-inspired but relaxed.

What about those crystal and fur headbands?
Maybe not those! The mix of soft fur and sparkle has a real interactive appeal for little girls, though. They just want to touch it.

Why is the store called Pink Chicken?
It’s what our designer, Stacey Fraser, would say to get her daughter to eat chicken for dinner: “Before you cook chicken, it’s pink. You love pink!”

Is the design aim to appeal to kids or their parents?
The kids are usually more particular. But it’s a happy marriage.

Do little ones really care about clothes?
As young as 3, they have firm opinions about what they like to wear. My daughter only wants to wear knit pants. Other girls won’t wear anything but dresses.

Do you think New York kids are more fashion-aware than elsewhere?
I do think they’re more tuned in; they use clothes as a way to express themselves.

Ever get any extra-demanding child-shoppers?
We’ll see what we get on the Upper East Side. Three- and 4-year-olds can have strong personalities.

Interview by Lauren Murrow.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Chiara Busa