Ask a Shop Clerk: Aaron Black

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

What’s the M.O. for your menswear?
A suit should not just be a uniform—it should be a sexy dress for a man.

And you do bespoke?
Yes. We make the suits ourselves in about four-to-six weeks for around $3,500, which includes fabric from top-end English mills like Holland & Sherry. We never repeat a design either, so you’ll never see someone wearing your suit.

What about your ready-to-wear line?
We only do four of each suit, eleven of each shirt, and four of each tie, and the designs are constantly changing.

What inspires you?
Everything from the Victorian era through the nineties. We have Bowie pants, for instance, with a two-inch waistband, slightly higher rise, double pleat, and taper. They’re twenties meets the Thin White Duke.

You also have silk pajama suits?
Oscar Wilde is rampant through these designs, and there’s a bit of Edgar Allan Poe influence. I once made a bespoke tux pajama suit for a client, and he wore it to a wedding. Pajamas are sexy and comfortable, so if you can wear them out—how cool is that?

Interview by Tory Hoen

Ask a Shop Clerk: Aaron Black