Ask a Shop Clerk: Jeremy Floto and Josh Farley, Co-Founders

Photo: Floto+Warner

What drew you to vintage furniture?
Floto: We both grew up in small towns working on construction projects.
Farley: It helps us see the potential in old, falling-apart objects.

What’s your inventory like?
Floto: Everything from old typeset letters for $1 apiece to an 1890s English apothecary room divider for $5,500.

Where do you find it?
Farley:Mostly out of abandoned factories in New England, which take a lot of wrangling and hand-shaking to get inside.

Are your apartments full of this stuff?
Floto: I try to keep it pretty sparse, but Josh is a maximalist.
Farley: I have a hard time saying no.
Floto: We also have a 5,000-square-foot storage space upstate. When you go into an old factory and find 60 amazing handmade stools, you have to take them. It’s not like we’re shopping at Vitra.

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Ask a Shop Clerk: Jeremy Floto and Josh Farley, C […]