Best Bets

From left, The Perfect Nothing Catalog, 99 Cent Plus Gallery, and Arcangel Surfware.Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

New Niche
Five objets d’artist shops, including Damien Hirst’s first U.S. store, make their debut.

The newly expanded shack:
The Perfect Nothing Catalogue
, 260 Johnson Ave., Bushwick
B. Thom Stevenson translucent cinder block ($400), Abel Macias mobile ($500).

The website:
Arcangel Surfware
Cory Arcangel Photoshop-gradient bedsheets ($496).

The big name:
Other Criteria
, 458 Broome St.
Damien Hirst Soul Love beach towel ($90), splatter-paint bone-china plate ($48).

The co-op:
, 324 Canal St., second fl.
Zoë Mowat Arbor jewelry stand ($449), Meg Callahan quilt ($8,000).

The gallery-shop:
99 Cent Plus Gallery
, 238 Wilson Ave., Bushwick
Tom Forkin foam chair ($250), Nikki Mirsaeid magnetic-snap pearl necklaces ($175).

Pamper your PBR.

From left, the Picnic cooler and Roadie 20.Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

6-Pack/Retro: Picnic cooler, $70 at Crate & Barrel, 611 Broadway.
6-Pack/Rugged: Roadie 20, $250 at Paragon, 867 Broadway.

From left, Steel Belted cooler and Orca 40 Quart.Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

24-Pack/Retro: Steel Belted cooler, $150 at
24-Pack/Rugged: Orca 40 Quart, $350 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

How to Buy a Custom Bicycle
Three tips from Williamsburg-based frame-builder Mathew Amonson of Airtight Cycles.

1. Tailor the frame to your body.
“Unless you measure your height, inseam, shoulder width, torso,and weight, the frame is going to restrict some of your movement.”

2. Splurge on steel.
“Many inexpensive bike frames are made of heavy metal tubes. Insist on 4130 alloy steel for your frame: It’s the strongest on the market, and the tubes are thin and lightweight.”

3. Easy on the bells and whistles.
“Going custom gives you the luxury of paring down: Like a sailboat, the beauty of a well-built bike lies in the simplicity of the machine.”

First Look
This month, St. Mark’s Bookshop will reopen at 136 E. 3rd St., in a landmarked space less than half its previous size.

Illustration by Clouds OA
Illustration by Murphy Lippincott

Moving In
Parisian jeweler Aurélie Bidermann opens her first U.S. shop in early July, at 265 Lafayette St.

“Lafayette Street reminds me of the block where I have my Paris shop, rue des Saints-Pères. I’m keeping the same late-1960s vibe here: There’s a white-lacquer ceiling and stucco walls and turquoise-and-yellow accents. I want the space to feel like a living room; a center column creates a quadrant, and you can settle into a banquette with big pillows and try on my cocktail rings.”

The Future
On Jesse and Meredith Finkelstein’s Print All Over Me (, users can upload graphics onto tees, dresses, and, soon, furniture. For now, shop guest-designed pieces like these.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

Eric Trine chairs with Dusen Dusen prints, price upon request.
“We debuted these pieces at Design Week; we plan to make this chair customizable on our site, too.”

Erich Ginder hanging lamp with Santtu Mustonen print, price upon request.
“We stretched linen over metallic cardboard: The light glows down, rather than out. Printable lampshades are next.”

New Friends throw, $65.
“We went to New Friends with this idea. It’s a really nice cotton linen. Toss it on your bed or throw it in your beach bag.”

Will Bryant beanbag, $175 unstuffed.
“We asked Will for the craziest print project he could think of, and he pitched a six-foot-diameter beanbag. The beanbags we’re selling are much smaller.”

Fort Standard chair with Damien Correll print, price upon request.
“We’re already working on our next collaboration with Damien: furniture inspired by his still lifes.”

Best Bets