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Best Bets

How to Shampoo Your Dog
Three tips from Ania Rogalska, owner of BFF Pet Wash (192 Driggs Ave.), a new dog salon in Greenpoint.

1. Coax with treats.
“Don’t throw out your back trying to get a reluctant dog into the tub—scatter the bottom with treats; she’ll also be less likely to bolt when you turn on the tap. Extra points for using a bath mat to help with paw traction.”

2. Drown the bloodsuckers.
“Use a mild flea-and-tick shampoo like Bio-Groom, as often as once a week in the summer. Go over the wet coat with a flea comb, rinsing between each stroke. Then lather a big collar of shampoo around her neck.”

3. Remember the blow-dryer.
“Summer is shedding season, and hair dryers are the best way to blast out loose fur. Even if your dog air-dries quickly in the sun, go over her a few times with a hair dryer on the cool setting, moving from tail to neck.”

Side by Side
The clothing of two far-flung cities—Tokyo streetwear and Glasgow tweeds—comes downtown.

Tokyo Rebel
158 Allen St.

Backstory: In 2009, spouses Jeff and Masayo Williams launch a Japanese-label e-shop (and short-lived Avenue B store).

Customer: Women in their teens, 20s, and 30s channeling Harajuku-street-style magazines.

Wares: Sex Pot Revenge punk skirts ($99); Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tutu dresses ($338).

Bonus Item: Back issues of Kera and Gothic & Lolita Bible zines (from $12).

Glasgow Vintage Co.
331 E. 9th St.; opens August 1

Backstory: In 2005, spouses Gavin and Mari O’Brien start selling ’60s-focused vintage near the Glasgow School of Art.

Customer: Ivy Leaguers; pipe-puffing gentlemen; Libertines fans seeking No. 2 military jackets.

Wares: Isle of Harris tweed blazers ($120); Aran cable-knit jumpers ($40).

Bonus Item: Kilts for kids ($30).

Style Tribe: “Lolitas" at the Tokyo Rebel Store Opening

First Look
On August 1, Valentino will open its largest flagship to date, at 20,000 square feet, taking the place of the Takashimaya department store (693 Fifth Ave.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Seagram Building–inspired façade:
Vertical brass bars over black steel and aluminum.

2. Men’s ready-to-wear:
4,637 square feet. Cashmere zodiac pullovers, waxed-cotton hunting jackets, feather-embellished derbies.

3. Women’s ready-to-wear:
4,648 square feet. Kimono-esque capes with graphic floral prints, butterfly-motif gowns, pastel fringe clutches.

4. Accessories atrium:
4,146 square feet, 27-foot ceiling. 39 single-item shelves for snakeskin and camo handbags, women’s eyewear, belts, shoes.

Cucumber water can’t pour itself.

From left, Nick Munro Trombone pitcher and Gazebo pitcher.  

Steel/Reasonable: Nick Munro Trombone pitcher, $100 at Abode, 179 Grand St.
Glass/Reasonable: Gazebo pitcher, $70 at Jung Lee, 25 W. 29th St.

From left, Tua pitcher and Kim Seybert pitcher.  

Steel/Splurgy: Tua pitcher, $235 at Alessi, 130 Greene St.
Glass/Splurgy: Kim Seybert pitcher, $251 at Gracious Home, 1992 Broadway.

Ask a Shop Clerk
In late August, high-tech women’s shop Coop & Spree (202 Elizabeth St.)—the brainchild of Columbia Business School grad Brooke Richman—opens with Elizabeth and James blouses, and other postcollegiate classics.

What kind of digital elements are you incorporating in the store?
There’s a Coop & Spree app with pre-styled suggestions for what to wear on a date or to a summer wedding, which you can then shop in person. There’s a photo booth where you can print snapshots of what you try on in the dressing room to get a better sense of how things look. Instead of a magazine rack, I’m filling a pegboard wall with iPads loaded with every magazine from Elle to The Economist. And if you’re out of town for one of our in-store events—where a lot of the time designers will be here giving styling advice—we’ll be broadcasting on Google Hangouts.

International Playground’s new cheeky-glitzy Soho location (463 Broome St.) brings cult European brands to New York for the first time.

Starstyling graphic crew necks ($225).

Klear Klutch transparent envelope clutches ($95).

a.Knackfuss quilt-pattern vests ($860).

Royal Republiq high-top sneakers ($248).

Soulland camping-motif pullovers ($165).

Carin Wester chunky sandals ($325).