Bright, Sunshiny Things

Photo: Courtesy of Shu Uemura

For a Tangy Pucker
The yellow tint makes lips look golden, and the gloss has a slight lemony sweetness ($18 at Shu Uemura, 121 Greene St., nr. Prince St.; 212-979-5500).

Photo: Davies + Starr

Indoor/Outdoor Seating
At this price, you can start a weekly happy hour ($29 at A&G Merch, 111 N. 6th St., nr. Berry St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-388-1779).

Photo: Alain Schroeder/Getty Images

Anyone Can Be Blonde
She’s pricey, but Rita Hazan’s highlights look like nature, not a peroxide mistake (from $550 at Rita Hazan Salon, 720 Fifth Ave., at 56th St., eleventh fl.; 212-586-4343).

Photo: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Foster the Mini Chef
These tools are made for small hands (Kids’ Kitchen whisk, $15, grater $15, and spatula, $9, at Williams-Sonoma, 10 Columbus Circle, nr. 58th St.; 212-823-9750).

Photo: Pat Thorne/Getty Images

No Occasion Required
The most splendiferous sunflowers come from the Lebak Farms stand at the Park Slope Farmers’ Market in J.J. Byrne Park ($1 each, Fifth Ave. at 4th St., Park Slope, Brooklyn).

Photo: Davies + Starr

So What If You Have No Windows?
Paint the walls in Morning Sunshine (Benjamin Moore paint, $16.43 per quart at Janovic Plaza, 292 Third Ave., nr. 22nd St.; 212-777-3030).

Photo: Davies + Starr

The New Pink
A bright-yellow polo has more zing than bland pastels ($29.50 at Uniqlo, 546 Broadway, nr. Spring St.; 917-237-8800).

Photo: Cyril Laubscher/Getty Images

Best in pairs (of course), lovebirds are loyal and affectionate (Lutino lovebird, $179.99 at 33rd and Bird, 14 Bruckner Blvd., nr. Lincoln Ave., the Bronx; 718-665-4444).

Photo: Courtesy of Tretorn

For Monsoon Moments
Keep little feet dry in fleece-lined rubber boots (Tretorn Skerry Port kids’ boot, $55 at Clearly First, 980 Madison Ave., nr. 76th St.; 212-988-8242).

Photo: Davies + Starr

Move Your Feet, Again
The next album of danceable tracks from Danish hip-hop group Junior Senior arrives Stateside August 14 (Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, $14.99 at Sound Fix, 110 Bedford Ave., nr. N. 11th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-388-8090).

Photo: Davies + Starr

Keep Floss Nearby
Fresh corn: lightly steamed, sea salt, a little butter. Heaven ($2 for five ears at Sycamore Farms, Union Square Greenmarket, Broadway at 17th Street).

Photo: Caroline Shepard

The last time indie boutiques ruled New York retail, it was the era of hot pants and the Automat. Now, the collective desire for unique pieces and personal attention—plus the city’s growing affection for all things community-centric—is bringing back the shop around the corner, as evidenced by the roaring success of Brooklyn’s Bird. For more on this movement, click here.

Bright, Sunshiny Things