Get Up and Go

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Sometimes all it takes to kick-start a fitness regimen is watching nearly 40,000 people run from borough to borough for 26.2 miles. Other times it may take the promise of a workout-enhancing, yet attractive, gadget. Timex’s iControl has all the sports-watch standards—timers, alarms, a lightweight Spider-Man–esque band that says to the world, “I am an ironman” (even if that’s all talk now). It also has a tiny wireless receiver that plugs into your iPod. So when you’re huffing and desperate to change from the new Radiohead to the new Springsteen for a boost, you can switch tracks and crank up the volume by pressing the buttons at your wrist instead of having to use that pesky scroll ($124.95 at Sears, 5200 Kings Plaza, nr. Kings Hwy., Brooklyn; 718-677-2800).

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First, Get the Feet Right
“Running sneakers are a technical piece of equipment,” says JackRabbit Sports store owner and triathlete Lee Silverman. “You can’t just shop by color.” He puts you on a treadmill to determine what shoe you need (lightweight, neutral, stability, and motion control for severe overpronators) ($90 for this Brooks Axiom II sneaker, analysis free, 151 Seventh Ave., nr. Garfield Pl., Park Slope; 718-636-9000).

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It Fits Any Sneaker
Marware’s movable Sportsuit Sensor+ “talks” to your Nano and tracks your workout ($10 at Tekserve, 119 W. 23rd St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-929-3645).

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The Unshakable Ponytail
A thin rubber strip keeps these Goody StayPut elastics secure ($5.29 at Duane Reade, 51 W. 51st St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-582-8525).

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Cool Even If You Stop Running
Outdoor runners need three layers—for moisture wicking, insulating, and element repelling—to stay warm and dry (Pro Zero base, $49.95, Action Brushed Zip Mock, $55.99, Action Vented Jacket, $71.99, by Craft, to order at Paragon Sports, 867 Broadway, nr. 19th St.; 212-255-8036).

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More Than Just a Sock
Wearing garden-variety cotton socks is the worst—they absorb water and become abrasive. Balega Sports’s seamless-toe socks have a cushiony sole and keep moisture away ($10 at Urban Athletics, 1291 Madison Ave., at 92nd St.; 212-828-1906).

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Cold Weather Is No Excuse
Nike’s Sport Culture Headphones hat comes with earbuds embedded in Therma-Fit fleece ($60 at Niketown, 6 E. 57th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-891-6453).

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For Afterward
Mila Yagoudaief’s meticulous runners’ pedicures at OC61 are 90 minutes of soaking, exfoliating, and deep massage ($80, 33 E. 61st St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-935-6261).

Which Water Works?
Leslie Cooperstein, competitive marathon runner and board- certified clinical nutritionist at the N.V. Perricone M.D. Flagship (791 Madison Ave., nr. 67th St.; 212-734-2537), weighs the claims of designer sports drinks.

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Gatorade, Original Lemon-Lime
$1.29 at Gristedes, 25 University Pl., nr. 8th St.; 212-353-1330
It’s the most comprehensive. It’s got the electrolytes you lose the most, vitamins, and carbohydrates. When it comes to performance, it’s still the big boy in town.

Photo: Courtesy of Function Drinks

Function Drinks, Alternative Energy
$1.69 at Westside Market, 77 Seventh Ave., at 15th St.; 212-807-7771
The claim is that certain ingredients are time-released, providing six to eight hours of energy, but there’s no indication this formula can do that. And the vitamins are minimal. There is a small amount of sodium, which is good, but quite a bit of caffeine, which contributes to dehydration. Also, it tastes like rusty water.

Photo: Courtesy of Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water, Charge
$1.99 at Khim’s Millenium Market, 280 Bedford Ave., nr. 1st St., Williamsburg; 718-387-0063
It’s enjoyable to drink, which is key. It has a good amount of vitamin B and certain electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium) but, curiously, not sodium, one of the electrolytes people lose most when they sweat.

Photo: Courtesy of O Water

O Water, Mandarin Orange
$1.79 at Balducci’s, 81 W. 14th St., at Eighth Ave.; 212-741-3700
It’s a good way to get water into your body, but having no vitamins or carbohydrates whatsoever is a huge downside if you’re drinking it for performance.

Get Up and Go