Hot Coffee With Your Hot Air?

Photo: Kent Larsson

The pundits and talking heads are going at it 24/7, slicing the poll numbers six ways to Sunday, always with a mug of something close at hand. How to keep the data straight? Amp up with your own fresh brew, made in a classic Chemex for maximum deliciousness (and caffeine). Now back to CNN (Chemex ten-cup glass-handle-series coffeemaker, $40.95 at Broadway Panhandler, 65 E. 8th St., nr. Broadway; 212-966-3434).

Republican and Democrat $9.95 each at Fishs Eddy 889 Broadway, at 19th St.; 212-420-9020.

Ljuvlig $2.99 at Ikea 1 Beard St., at Otsego St., Red Hook; 718-246-4532.

Chinoiserie Camping $10 at Anthropologie 85 Fifth Ave., nr. 16th St.; 212-627-5885.

Puppy $17.50 at Pearl River Mart 477 Broadway, nr. Broome St.; 212-431-4770.

Two-Carat Cup $18 at Fred Flare 131 Meserole Ave., at Leonard St., Greenpoint; 718-599-9221; opening October 24.

Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Latte Cup $40 for two at Bed Bath & Beyond 620 Sixth Ave., at 18th St.; 212-255-3550.

Handmade by Helaine Sorgen $25 at Clayworks Pottery 332 E. 9th St., nr. First Ave.; 212-677-8311.

Penguin Books’ Common Reader, by Virginia Woolf $25 at the Conran Shop 407 E. 59th St., at First Ave.; 866-755-9079.

On/Off $25 at MoMA Design Store 81 Spring St., nr. Crosby St.; 646-613-1367.

Coupe Studio $30 at Moss 150 Greene St., at Houston St.; 212-204-7100.

Maillard Coffee $40 at DWR: Tools for Living 142 Wooster St., nr. Houston St.; 212-471-0280; opening September 19.

Photographs by Hannah Whitaker
Courtesy of Ikea (Pink), Fred Flare (Two-Carat Cup), MoMA Design Store (On/Off), Moss (Coupe Studio), and (Maillard).

Hot Coffee With Your Hot Air?