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Best Bets: Week of January 12, 2015

Illustration by Jason Lee  

How to Do Yoga at Work
Three tips from Guillerma Moreno, founder of the new Bushwick massage-and-yoga outpost Bhati Studio (1099 Flushing Ave., No. 307).

1. Time it right. According to the ancient Hindu practice Ayurveda, spinal twists are great for your agni, or digestive fire. They’ll be most effective half an hour after you eat.

2. Get in position. Slide to the front of your seat, with knees bent at 90 degrees. Inhale, reaching both arms skyward. As you exhale, twist to the right, grabbing the back of your chair with your right hand and reaching your left hand across your torso to grab the chair’s right arm.

3. Breathe deep and quiet. Hold the twist for five breaths, inhaling as you move back to center and raise your arms again. Repeat on the left. Keep your mouth closed to prevent your breaths from alarming your cube mate.

2x2: Fancy-Free Weights
A treat for your biceps.

Single: Charlotte Juillard Heracles dumbbell, $78 each, at
Double: Robusto handheld weights, $375 a pair, at Hock Design Showroom, 455 Park Ave.

Single: Globe dumbbell, $175 each, at
Double: Bowflex 1090 adjustable dumbbells, $599 a pair, at

Last month, Brynn Putnam debuted the third Refine Method studio at 131 Perry Street, with her most futuristic pulley station yet ($34 per class).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Chin up bar.

2. High handles for cross-body chops that work all the muscles in the torso.

3. A series of springs and pulleys designed by MIT alums ensure smooth weight adjustments.

4. Chest-level handles for a standing push-up.

5. Custom shelf stores free weights and medicine balls.

6. Resistance kicks in once the floor-level handles are raised to shoulder height—no need to pull a muscle while lifting handles into position.

7. Pins in the central adjuster can tweak resistance weight up to 500 pounds, with a fine-tune feature for incremental adjustments.

Three in One
The new savagery-meets-luxury gym CrossFit Solace (38 E. 32nd St.) has a range of very un-garagelike offerings.

Perspire: Freestyle class (from $20). Gymnastics-inspired injury-prevention technique for CrossFit-heads, including handstand push-ups and dead hangs on the rings.

Exhale: An hour of myofascial manipulation (price TBD, starting in February). The newly built-out treatment area will offer gentle kneading of the fascia: that elusive connective muscle fiber that stabilizes muscles and organs.

Ingest: PurePharma M3 Essential Minerals ($25). Forty-day supply of magnesium-and-zinc capsules to improve oxygen delivery and rebuild muscle tissue.

Side by Side
Two new dude-specific shops for workout attire—the no-nonsense East Coast MMA Fight Shop and Lululemon’s first stand-alone man store—just opened downtown.

East Coast MMA
131 Orchard St.
Backstory: Muay Thai superfan and Rockaways native targets Church Street Boxing Gym clientele.
Space: 700 square feet with exposed brick and a 12-foot etching of Mike Tyson filling the front window.
Wares: Adidas high-tops ($55), Hayabusa compression shorts ($60), Jaco groin protectors ($50).
Perk: Rare distributor of Roots of Fight, the brand that makes Beyoncé’s Mike Tyson T-shirt in the “7/11” video.

Lululemon Men’s
127 Prince St.
Backstory: Purveyor of co-ed athleisure gear targets guys who go from Bikram to boardroom.
Space: 1,600 square feet, divided by a vintage steel meatpacking rail. Community table in back.
Wares: Anti-bacterial ombre tanks ($54), sweat-wicking button-down shirts ($108).
Perk: On-site sewing station for custom shorts with tailor-made inseams and lining choices.

Local shop clerks pick their favorite running-around-the-reservoir-in-30-degree-weather accessories.

“Nike’s reflective Flash tights ($140 at New York Running Company, 10 Columbus Circle) have silver stripes from hip to ankle that appear matte in the sun but pop in the dark.”

“The beam on this water-resistant Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 hand torch ($45 at JackRabbit Sports, 42 W. 14th St.) reaches 67 meters, which is great for running at night along the East River to help you see what’s ahead and also make sure you’re seen by cyclists.”

“Brooks’s new Ghost 7 sneakers ($150 at Brooklyn Running Company, 222 Grand St., Williamsburg) have a Gore-tex lining that gives you warmth and waterproof protection. Almost as if a poncho and a Snuggie procreated.”

“180s’ rechargeable Bluetooth ear warmers ($40 at JackRabbit Sports) are great for running with music or just commuting in the winter. They’re adjustable, so they stay in place without messing up your hair.”

“These featherlight Kahtoola NanoSpikes ($50 at stay in place with hardened rubber pads in the front and the back. The spikes are close to the ground—less spiky than hiking styles—so you won’t trip on the subway platform.”