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Best Bets: Week of February 23, 2015

Skin Laundry.  

Skin Laundry founder Yen Reis. Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

The DryBar of laser rejuvenation, Skin Laundry, will make its East Coast debut at 3 West 16th Street on March 2.

Until Skin Laundry founder Yen Reis moved Stateside in 2013, it was impossible to track down this ten-minute mild laser-and-light treatment ($100)—which employs a tubular crystal laser—outside Singapore. Imagine a very gentle pricking from forehead to cheekbone, vaporizing makeup and dead cells from the skin’s surface. Then comes the goopy ultrasound gel, which protects skin for the infrared intense pulsed light. This evens pigmentation (the wavelengths zap any discolored patches). The resulting eerily soft cheeks last about a week.

Side by Side
Two new yoga classes turn up the volume.

Hip hop yoga versus metal yoga.  

Y7 Hip Hop Yoga
The Monster Cycle, 182 Lafayette St.
Logic: “Cranking the sound for mid-Vinyasa, flow-on-your-own freestyle breaks is super-motivating.”
Clientele: Nike-head cyclers craving some more-mindful cardio.
Studio: Windowless, candlelit, 90 degrees, referred to as “the Womb.”
Soundtrack: G-Unit, Lauryn Hill, Ja Rule–versus–Ashanti mash-up classes.

Metal Yoga
The Cobra Club, 6 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick
Logic: “Instrumental black metal is soothing, especially for shavasana [the corpse pose].”
Clientele: Absolute beginners, with a healthy sampling of dudes in jeans.
Studio: The back room at a bar-café, with red velvet curtains.
Soundtrack: Judas Priest for high-energy back bends, instrumental Celtic Frost for cool-down.

First Look
On February 26, commerce-with-a-conscience juggernaut Toms will unveil its first New York store at 264 Elizabeth Street.

A floor layout of the new Toms store in New York. Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Slouchy bags: Designed in L.A.
2. Concrete-and-tile patio: Gas fireplace, bistro tables.
3. Women’s shoes: Debut heeled booties alongside familiar slip-ons.
4. Kid’s shoes.
5. Community wall: Postings for in-store open mikes, candle-making workshops, yoga.
6. Book-swap shelf: Travel and philanthropy.
7. Coffee by the pound: Whole and ground from Rwanda and Peru.
8. Concrete-topped bar: Pour-overs, local One Girl Cookies.
9. Men’s shoes: Debut leather huaraches.

2x2: Colorful Nightstands
Tuck away or display.

Storage: PS 2014 table, $69 at Ikea, 1 Beard St., Red Hook.
No Storage: Plum & Bow side table, $45 at Urban Outfitters, 628 Broadway.

Storage: Marine table, $317 at
No Storage: Avandi maple table, from $550 at

Ask a Shop Clerk
Gabriel Gestin is the manager of the maiden Brooklyn outpost of French custom-eyeglasses shop Anne & Valentin (200 Smith St., Carroll Gardens).

Anne & Valentin sunglasses.  

When a client wants to go custom, what’s the first step?
I’ll ask them what they do in life. I might suggest an octagonal frame for an architect, or a rectangular frame with a flash of jade blue for a lawyer who wants just a little bit of edge. The boutique-eyewear market is very big in France; glasses are treated like fashion accessories. We mill our frames from cotton-based acetate, so any shape is possible. Our very first customer came in wearing oversize rectangular tortoiseshell frames. They didn’t suit her petite face, so we found a beautiful cat’s-eye shape in bright purple—elegant but cheerful.

Top Five
On March 5, playful home-goods e-shop Bazazas—the brainchild of graphic designer Mary Voorhees Meehan and clothing designer Scarlett Boulting—will present its latest collection at Red Bull Studios New York’s brand new gift shop (220 W. 18th St.).

“The stone in this tube necklace (from $168) is called Dalmatian jasper. There’s something funny about carrying a little lozenge from the Earth around your neck, on a gold chain.”

“Recently, we’ve been really into the security pattern on the inside of check envelopes. For this Stationery for an Extrovert ($19), we put the pattern on the outside.”

“This neon-blue cashmere blanket ($350) comes from the mountains outside of Kathmandu. It’s rare to see such a big basket weave on a cashmere blanket.”

“This exclusive 18-inch stoneware vase ($375) is by Montana-based ceramicist Giselle Hicks. Every potter we know follows her on Instagram.”

“These slag-glass bookends ($99) are sourced from rock shops along the highway in Arkansas. It’s the Natural State; you find the most beautiful rocks and minerals there.”