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Best Bets: Week of June 1, 2015

First Look
Houston-based Charming Charlie—an H&M for accessories—lands in New York on June 3 with a 16,000-square-foot color-coded flagship (445 Fifth Ave., nr. 39th St.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Black and White: Slouchy hobo handbags ($39) and three-piece necklace sets ($15).
2. Pink: Fold-over clutches ($15) and beaded headbands ($5).
3. Red: Teardrop earrings ($8) and faux-leather mini-satchels ($29).
4. Citrus Splash: Acrylic bangles ($13) and straw clutches ($25).
5. Turquoise: Chunky chokers ($15) and oversize silicone watches ($18).
6. Blue: Lightweight fringe scarves ($10).

2x2: Outdoor Lanterns
Take it to the terrace.

Reasonable: Aquamarine Mimosa lantern, $50 at
Splurgy: Plexiglas Farol Vertical lantern, from $410 at

Reasonable: Dietz Junior lantern, $54 at
Splurgy: Leather Lanterne d’Hermès, $19,100 at 691 Madison Ave.

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

Ask a Shop Clerk
In April, performance artist Lital Dotan opened Que Sal Mah, a bespoke dressmaking boutique inside a performing-arts space (246 Union Ave.) in Williamsburg.

So is it art or fashion? It culminates with a dress—the bespoke process is $1,100—but it’s a one-to-one performance. My process is movement oriented. I take a single piece of fabric the size of a queen-size bed in rayon, spandex, or silk, and I make it with you and on you. When the process is complete, I send you a certificate of authenticity.

Side by Side
Two on-demand helicopter services for when the Jitney won’t do.

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

Clientele: Younger; 70 percent of fliers have never been on a helicopter. Crowdsource flights on the app 15 minutes before takeoff.
Vibe: Communal. Blade owns its own terminals (E. 34th St., E. 23rd St., W. 30th St.), each with leather couches and a full bar for preflight networking.
Ride: Eurostar copters for airports (from $695), Southampton ($575). Pilatus seaplanes for Fire Island ($475).

Gotham Air
Clientele: Experienced. Join scheduled flights or crowdsource one 20 minutes before takeoff.
Vibe: Luxurious. Shared terminals (East River piers, E. 34th St., W. 30th St.), but copters have Hermès leather seats and Bouchon Bakery hors d’oeuvre.
Ride: Bell 407 GX copters go to Belmar ($179) and Montauk ($625) and fly extra-quiet for East Hampton’s ($575) noise-restriction policies.

Illustration by Jason Lee  

Moving In
For its 20th anniversary this month, Probus owner Rey Cordova is moving the high-end streetwear shop from Washington Heights to the Stack, New York City’s first modular building (4857 Broadway).

“We’re staying true to the aesthetic of the building with exposed pipes and a concrete floor. As soon as you walk in there’s a full wall with footwear, and in the middle of the store there’s a counter and a huge denim wall, both custom-designed by Herlander Passos. We have more space now, and we’re going to do a lot more events, like whiskey tastings. We’re also going to have an espresso bar and on-premise tailoring, so people can come in, relax, drink, shop, and spend two hours here. The beams in the middle of the store are the actual support beams of the building itself. It goes with our style because we sell more high-tech streetwear like Y-3 long core tees ($145) and Filling Pieces leather sneakers ($240).”

Top Five
Partners Sandi Preston and Don Edwards drove from Chicago to Bed-Stuy and opened Locale Village Shop, which sells homemade goods from around the world (410 Marcus Garvey Blvd.).

“These pocket squares ($25) and bow ties ($35) are handmade from Italian and Japanese fabrics by a woman named Julia Alimova.”

“This is an actual working AM-FM radio ($125). It’s insane. All of the beadwork is done by South African youth through a program called Coolsville.”

“This is a copper necklace ($50) by Fanta Celah. Her inspiration comes from reiki, so she uses stones and metals that have high vibrations.”

“The Grammy-nominated Afropean-soul group Les Nubians make this Nü Organiks body and hair cream (from $18) with their mom’s home recipe.”

“The backpacks ($97) are handmade in Nepal from hemp, which is one of the strongest fibers on Earth. They have pockets upon pockets.”