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Best Bets: Week of July 27, 2015

First Look
In August, Swedish menswear designer Stephen F brings turquoise suits and hand-sewn suede shoes to his first Stateside shop (829 Washington St.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Accessories bar: leather ties ($160); green suede belts ($150).
2. Downstairs: personal shopping, with a sofa and coffee table.
3. Drawings: artist illustrations of the fall-winter collection ($300).
4. Shoe rack: classic suede loafers ($390); velvet tuxedo shoes ($600).
5. Outerwear: reindeer-leather jacket with removable fur collar ($6,000), worn by Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.
6. Colorful suits: matching lavender shorts ($285) and blazers ($1,300), worn by Alan Cumming at the Tonys.

2x2: Popsicle Molds
Make your own FrozFruits.

6-Year-Old’s Party:
Silikomart 3-piece ice-pop mold, $22 at
36-Year-Old’s Party: Classic push-up-pop mold, $15 at

Don’t Push:
6-Year-Old’s Party: Ring-jewel ice-pop mold, $12 for six at
36-Year-Old’s Party: Stainless-steel ice-pop mold, $45 for six at

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

Ask a Shop Clerk
Grande dame decorator Bunny Williams unites all nine of her lines under one roof for the first time (232 E. 59th St.).

How do you decorate around your two dogs? They sleep on leopard-print faux-fur WallyBeds, which don’t show dirt, and sheepskin rugs that I put on the seats of my chairs — the dogs just love those. I’ll also wrap my beige sofa cushions with antique textiles to protect the furniture. Their water bowl is an 18th-century Chinese fish bowl because if I have to look at a dog bowl, it better be pretty.

Three in One
Brit Stephanie McDermott’s The Vale Collective has new-to-the-city clothing and local art and coffee (113 N. 7th St., Williamsburg).

Snack: Birch coffee, roasted in Long Island City ($3.50); Dough pastries, baked in Manhattan ($3); outdoor garden seating for 20 with couches, outlets, and Wi-Fi.

Shop: Spanish Bless the Mess blazers ($340); Italian book clutches ($500); French Chatelles slippers ($238); British vintage ’80s suede jackets ($590).

Look: Costanza Theodoli-Braschi’s Micropoems in micronib pen (from $2,000); Carlos Valencia’s pencil works ($1,500).

Shops (and one portable library) for hyperniche books.

From left: The Free Black Women’s Library, One Grand.  

One Grand: A selection of “desert island” books picked by big names — Tilda Swinton chose Owning Your Own Shadow, by Robert Johnson ($13) — taking over the second floor at Whisper Editions through September (8 Fulton St.).

Pioneer Works: Novels by Pioneer Works’ resident artists, like David Colosi’s Miss Pumpernickel Bread ($20) (289 Van Brunt St.; 718-596-3001).

Archestratus Books: Food-focused texts, including Roman Food Poems, by Alistair Elliot ($20) (160 Huron St.; soft opening in August).

The Free Black Women’s Library: Works by black female authors, carried by suitcase: Parable of the Sower, by Octavia E. Butler; Sister Outsider, by Audre Lord (roving;

Top Five
TenThousandThings designer David Rees picks his favorite items from the jewelry brand’s new concept store — its first brick-and-mortar with (much) more than just earrings and necklaces (7 Harrison St.).

“We’re selling our friend Gregory Parkinson’s 28-ounce espadrilles ($125) exclusively. That’s very thick for denim.”

“We casted a rock for a sculpture in the store, and I thought it would make a great planter ($175), so I carved out the inside.”

“My co-owner Ron Anderson got these rare black opals ($3,860) from a family in Australia. The free-form composition of the ring is special.”

“These Strange Invisible fragrances from Venice, California ($265), are just like our jewelry — made using all organic processes.”

“These sculptural bronze pieces ($850) are the first 3-D objects Ron designed that aren’t jewelry. People put them on their bedside table.”