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Best Bets: Week of August 10, 2015

How to Remove a Stain From Your Air Jordans
Three tips from Michael Curtis of the new sneaker-restoring Retro Revivals USA (831 Flatbush Ave.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Use a pencil eraser: “People often come in for a cleaning before they go out for the night. I start by lightly brushing the scuffed area with a pencil eraser.”

2. Watch the chemicals: “Stronger stain removers like OxiClean can peel synthetic leather. You can dip a toothbrush in 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of Resolve, and a squirt of dish liquid.”

3. Dry as you go: “Cleaning solution carrying leftover dirt sinks into the thread crevices, so dry off each section with a white towel before it can drip.”

Moving In
Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott just opened the brand’s first boutique here (73 Wooster St.).

Illustrations by Murphy Lippincott (portrait) and Jason Lee (bag kiosk)  

“Since my first day as creative director last November, I knew I wanted the store to have super-high ceilings and as few beams as possible, so that I could have space for things like these pairs of four-foot stilettos — one is filled with display shelves for shoes, and the pointed toe of another is a seat. There are giant bags and hats that double as shelving for the actual bags and hats. There’s a 12-foot mannequin wearing a supersize black-and-white dress from pre-fall ($1,895). She was sculpted in Italy; I can’t wait to meet her.”

First Look
On August 20, more than ten years after it was first conceived, the aquarium-themed SeaGlass Carousel ($5 per ride) will open at The Battery.

Riders sit inside 30 bioluminescent fiberglass fish of 12 different species (including angel and blue discus), created by set designer George Tsypin.

The 35-foot-tall spiraling structure mirrors a chambered nautilus; 77 lights and projectors splash watery film onto its walls.

Fish rotate on four turntables, which circulate in varying directions to simulate the natural movement of fish in an aquarium.

SiriusXM’s in-house composer, Teddy Zambetti, wrote an original classical-music soundtrack for the three-and-a-half-minute ride.

2x2: Foldable Bike Helmets
Collapse and go.

Compact: Overade Plixi, $100 at Priority Bicycles (174 Hudson St.); folds down to 5 inches.
Really Compact: Morpher, $100 at; folds down to 1.4 inches.

Over $100:
Compact: Brooks England Carerra, $170 at; folds down to 5.5 inches.
Really Compact: Closca Fuga, $130 at; folds down to 2.36 inches.

Three in One
Gabriel Vitol quit his finance job to open Fido’s Retreat, a 4,000-square-foot, application-required doggy resort in Downtown Brooklyn (230 Livingston St.; 718-522-0422).

Hotel: “Guests” sleep on elevated cots in private suites or one big shared room (from $65); a staffer stays overnight on a camping cot so dogs are never alone.

Spa: Hydromassage bubble baths for stressed, arthritic, or injured dogs (from $75); mini groom packages include hair, nail, and pad trims, ear-hair removal, gland expression (dog owners will know what this is), and a blow-dry (from $60).

Fitness: Jungle gyms with ramps, stairs, and tunnels ($50 per day); a 75-foot-long dog run; sunshine-mimicking LED lighting to trick dogs into thinking they’re outside.

Top Five
Andrew Kevelson, the buyer behind Baxter & Liebchen’s mid-century Scandinavian furniture and décor, picks out favorites from the new Tribeca flagship (50 Laight St.; 212-431-5050).

“This early-production Arne Jacobsen swan chair (price upon request) is made with wooden legs, from the era before they switched to metal.”

“When you roll away the round door on the side of this atomic teak desk ($3,500), there’s a double-decker lazy Susan. It also has a display shelf in back.”

“This Hvidt and Mølgaard settee ($8,000) matches chairs that sat across from Don Draper’s desk on the first season of Mad Men.

“This green-glass hanging lamp ($1,100) is just 12 inches across, so it’s the perfect accent light. I would drop it low over an end table.”

“Hans Olsen designed this chair-slash-desk ($8,000) thinking of King Frederik, who used to sit facing backward.”