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Best Bets: Week of September 21, 2015

First Look
This October, Restoration Hardware unveils a contemporary-furniture collection, RH Modern, at its 935 Broadway store.

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Seating: Alfieri chairs ($3,995); Morgan Barrelback–designed armchairs ($449).
2. Lighting: Van Thiel–designed spire chandeliers ($3,595).
3. Tables: Suspended-drawer side tables ($895).
4. Rugs: Ben Soleimani rugs ($1,495 for a five-by-seven).
5. Staircase: Mirrored, with iron handrails inspired by Carlo Scarpa.
6. Bedroom: High-panel four-poster beds (from $4,795).
7. Traditional collection: Top two floors for standbys like Russian-oak coffee tables ($1,695).

2x2: Woolly Vases
Prepare your succulents for sweater weather.

For Plants:
Under $35:
Felted plant pod, $21 at
Over $35: Fur basket, $50 at

For Flowers:
Under $35:
Bobby’s vase cover, $32 at
Over $35: Knitted mohair vase, $49 at

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

Ask a Shop Clerk
Jane Van Cleef just opened a Gowanus shop for her handmade, organic doll line, Hazel Village (510 Third Ave.).

Do the animals have a backstory? They are all part of a utopian society, like the utopian societies upstate in the 19th century. There’s Owen Fox, Zoe Rabbit, and Phoebe Fawn (from $34), who are made out of organic fleece and wear interchangeable pieces like flower crowns ($6) and apple-picking outfits ($26). We sew all their clothes here. It sounds funny for them to be in Gowanus, but our market lines up with the people who shop at the Whole Foods a few blocks away.

Moving In
Steven Ditchkus has reopened and expanded the formerly hidden oddities shop The Hunt at 27 Canal Street.

“My partner Jake Lamagno and I started as a secret antiques shop in the back of another store on the Lower East Side three years ago, but now, with our own store, we’re bringing in new things that complement the old pieces. Everything’s not thrown in one big pile like most antiques stores nowadays; it has a cleaner vibe. The hand-forged kitchen knives by Zachary Fish (from $200) are displayed alongside contemporary-art objects like a 3-D-printed tiger skull dipped in 24-carat gold ($7,500). There’s also room for our taxidermy, like the full-size black bear we remounted on a piece of marble and reclaimed wood and put into a 150-year-old antique display case ($19,000). We left the 100-year-old decaying paint on the front window and kept the old electronics-store sign that was here before us because, even though we have a storefront, we want to be disguised.”

How It’s Made
The fragrance-customizing Osmologue robot debuts in October with French perfumer Ex Nihilo’s outpost in Bergdorf Goodman (754 Fifth Ave.).

1. Customers choose one of eight existing perfumes for the base scent and one of three additional raw materials, like iris pallida or vanilla bourbon, to personalize a new fragrance (from $365).

2. The Osmologue weighs and distributes the chosen ingredients in a beaker.

3. An expert puts the beaker onto a magnetic plate and emulsifies the liquid for one minute.

4. The finished fragrance is funneled into a glass bottle, which can be capped with a choice of onyx, buffalo horn, or mother-of-pearl.

5. Customers may use the perfume immediately, but Ex Nihilo recommends letting it rest for up to ten days, after which the mixture will finish settling and each scent will be expressed to its full potential.

Top Five
Monica Khemsurov, editor of the design magazine Sight Unseen, picks color-changing ashtrays and brass lighter holsters from Tetra (, a new online store dedicated to stylish smoking accoutrements.

“This ashtray ($800) is cut from dichroic glass, which changes color in the light, symbolizing the shift in feeling before and after you smoke.”

“This beehive smoker ($90) has all the functions of a pipe: a small carb hole, a bigger hole to smoke from, and an indentation on top for tobacco.”

“This snuff box ($280) is handmade from solid lapis and has a brass trim. It looks like something vintage, but less boho and without the chips.”

“This vegetable-tanned-leather pouch ($190) is meant to be worn as a necklace which you can use to carry small smoking accessories.”

“This patinated-brass lighter cover ($180) elevates the everyday Bic, so you don’t have to buy a Zippo and worry about refilling it.”