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Best Bets: November 2, 2015

First Look
On November 10, Northern Grade, a roving pop-up shop of indie fashion and décor, settles in the Seaport with its first permanent store (203 Front St.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Bags: Prussian-blue totes by Fleabags ($440); carryalls by Scholar Mfg ($437).
2. Outerwear: Red Chester coats by Krammer & Stoudt ($821); Pointer Brand unisex jackets ($126).
3. Home goods: Cohen desk lamps by A-Lamp ($199).
4. Perfumes: Rose-geranium and blood-orange scents by Florescent ($79).
5. Nautical décor: Painted paddles by Sanborn Canoe Co. ($180).
6. Bar: Fully stocked for cocktail hours and meet-the-maker events.
7. Footwear: Women’s engineer boots by Chippewa ($319).

2x2: Statement Magazine Racks
Because you still read magazines.

For the floor:
Bendy, $136 at
For the desk: Kamui organizer, $35 at

For the floor:
Third Eye Vessel: Large, $1,300 at Coming Soon (37 Orchard St.).
For the desk: Untitled No. 02, $772 at

Moving In
In late November, Won Lee’s experimental Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster will arrive in Soho (79 Grand St.).

“We change the design of our Korean stores with each new collection every 25 days. In New York, because of the permits, it will change every three months. The first design is half–art gallery, half-showroom. You’ll follow a maze through the 800-square-foot store, and some openings will lead to shelves holding our leopard print sunglasses ($255; above) and round half-framed stainless-steel eyeglasses ($274); others will lead to presentations from European artists. There will be a lot of Instagram moments.”

How to Not Dry-clean Your Blazer
Tips from Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, co-founders of specialty-detergent brand The Laundress, which will open its first store in mid-November (199 Prince St.).

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Spot-treat stains: “Start with hot kettle water; it works better than seltzer. For tough stains, use something surfactant-based, like our high-concentrate solution ($18).”
2. Deodorize underarms: “Turn the blazer inside out; spritz on a solution of three parts water, one part white vinegar.”
3. Steam in the shower: “The old trick of de-wrinkling by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you’re showering still works.”

Around the World
Four new menswear shops selling knits from Tokyo, leather gloves from Montreal.

From left: Want Les Essentiels De La Vie, Tomorrowland.  

Want Les Essentiels De La Vie: Moleskine leather backpacks ($995) and toffee-colored gloves with cashmere lining ($395) from Montreal. 301 W. 4th St.
Brave GentleMan: Vegan, 100 percent recycled tweed trousers ($350) and slim-fitting armor shirts ($220) made in the Garment District. 176 Ainslie St., Williamsburg.
Maison Di Prima: Bespoke (from $3,800) and made-to-measure (from $1,400) wool and cashmere suits sewn in Northern Italy and sent back within six weeks. 81 Leonard St.
Tomorrowland: Pure-wool mock-turtleneck sweaters ($495) hand-knit in Tokyo. 476 Broome St.

Top Five
The emerging-designer-focused WantedDesign fair has given way to a WantedDesign store in Sunset Park (220 36th St.). Co-founder Odile Hainaut picks her favorite distorted candlesticks and French pocketknives.

“You don’t keep this Kontextur brass watering can ($98) in your closet. It’s for people who want a beautiful accessory to take care of their plants.”

“This Juniper Design lamp ($220) is versatile, elegant, and gives off a bright light. It has a handle like a lantern so you can put it next to your bed, on your desk, or take it outside.”

“Even as a Frenchwoman, I love that these Coastermatic doughnut coasters (four for $45) play with such an iconic American food. They’re a fun way to add color to your table.”

“Opinel is a beloved French brand of pocketknives (from $14). It’s become a rite of passage for French teenagers to get one as a gift and grow up with it.”

“Paul Loebach’s Distortion candlestick ($30) is a twisted interpretation of the classic silhouette. It’s actually carved out of wood.”