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Best Bets: January 11, 2016

Fitness edition.

Pilates trainer to many a Disney Channel star, Amy Jordan just opened her first East Coast WundaBar studio (21 Thompson St.), where a reformer, ballet barre, jump bar, and chair system combine in the all-in-one WundaFormer.

1. Ballet barre for balance and conditioning exercises.
2. Straps for posture-focused work and bicep curls.
3. Risers, which are used for balance and support.
4. A Wunda chair for step exercises.
5. The classic Pilates reformer for lunges, squats, and planks.
6. Jump board for leg and ab work with adjustable springs for high and low resistance.

Pop Physique and Beebe’s Buttcamp join West 26th Street’s better-rear-end row.

1. Vixen Workout: Hip-hop cardio with booty claps and other Beyoncé-inspired moves ($18 per class). 151 W. 26th St.
2. Bootybarre at 24 Hour Fitness: Barre-based leg lifts and cardio blasts to tighten muscles without adding bulk (first class free, then $80 per month for membership). 225 Fifth Ave.
3. Pop Physique: One hour of alternating pulsing lunges with quad stretches against a ballet barre ($32 per class). 31 W. 26th St., second fl.
4. Beebe’s Buttcamp: Glute-activating floor-work sequences, a “twerkout” interval, and a final “booty burnout” with squats and bridges ($34 per class). 37 W. 26th St., ninth fl.

Ask a Shop Clerk
Kylee Sallak is the founder of ­meditation- meets-erotic-dance studio City Pole (8 Beach St., second fl.; from $25 per class).

How do meditation and pole dancing go together? “Quite naturally. You tend to hear a lot of giggling in pole classes because people feel vulnerable, but that just means their emotions are more on the surface. Bringing mindful meditation into it gives them the opportunity to bring awareness to their emotions and themselves.We have a philosophy called the five pillars of confidence, and each pillar matches with a move on the pole. With ‘mindful sensuality,’ the move looks like a body wave on the pole, so as you’re standing with your legs wide apart, you start by touching your forehead, then chest, then tummy, then hips to the pole, and then you sink down and throw your booty backward. It’s about taking yourself seriously as a sensually empowered person.”

How to Use High Heels for Self-Defense
Avital Zeisler’s Soteria Method workout teaches women how to ward off attackers with their stilettos (from $39 per class; see for schedule and New York locations).

1. “If you see someone following you into your vestibule and closing in on your personal space, the first step to protecting yourself is taking your shoes off. Without portraying the body language that you’re ready to fight, grab each shoe by its heel — this is the quickest way to get them off — and make sure the first foot is fully grounded before picking up the second.”
2. Now that you’re standing on a flat surface, switch to holding the middle of each shoe, so that the heel is pointing out toward your attacker.”
3.“Bend your arm 90 degrees, hold your hand at eye level, and, facing the attacker straight on, slam the heel into his chin or nose. The shoe can inflict a lot more pain and distraction than your hands.”

2x2: Handsomer Gym Bags
Peppy, not tacky.

Reasonable: Stay Sharp duffel, $115 at
Splurgy: Heritage Sportsman bag, $360 at

Reasonable: Ellis Curls shoulder bag, $51 at
Splurgy: Palm Warrior bag, $407 at

The rise of gymnastics furniture.

January 2003
Interior designer Ken Fulk buys vintage 1920s leather gymnastics mats to use as headboards in his home and later adopts the style for seating at Soho restaurant Sadelle’s.

February 2012
Makeup artist Gucci Westman’s coffee table, which is actually a vintage ’30s vaulting table her in-laws purchased in France, is featured in T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

April 2015
Inspired by Italian gymnast Jury Chechi, Atelier Biagetti debuts the Body Building collection, including a silver pommel-horse bench and a rings chandelier, at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

May 2015
Interior designers Roman and Williams unveil their redesigned Chicago Athletic Association hotel, in which nearly every room has a pommel-horse bench.

August 2015
Fulk debuts his first collection at Pottery Barn with leather pommel-horse benches for around $300; another is planned for next year.