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Schaller & Weber, 1654 Second Ave., nr. 86th St. (212-879-3047).

"I came over to New York in 1949 from Austria, when I was a little boy. I started working in my uncle’s shop in Hollis, Queens, and learned everything from him. I like people, and if you don't like people, you shouldn't be doing this—it's not a glamorous job. My wife wants me to retire, but I enjoy it.

"People are always scared of stuff, especially raw meat. Tartare is so good—chop it up, add the yellow of the egg, put in lots of salt and pepper and onions. You put it on bread with butter. But I don't get too many calls for it.

"The best is the German pork sausage ($6.59 per pound)—the flavor is enhanced when it hits the fire. You just throw it on the grill for ten to fifteen minutes. The flavor is much more intense. I like them burnt, but I like everything burnt, even steak and lamb chops. My favorite cut is the chicken steak. It comes from the top part of the chuck. I cut it into cubes, coat it with salt and pepper, brown it really good with just as many onions. Then I add liquid and paprika, throw in a bouillon cube, and let it sit; it takes about an hour and a half." —Conrad Krische, head meat cutter