The Nontoxic Alternatives

Photo: Courtesy of Adiri, Green To Grow, and Camelbak

Maybe you heard it last week: the sound of hard-plastic containers being hurled into recycling bins all over town. After Canadian and U.S. reports found that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), used to make many water and baby bottles, may lead to cancer, anxious parents all over town began tossing their Dr. Brown’s baby bottles while weekend warriors looked fearfully at their decade-old Nalgenes. Scientists still don’t know if the bottles are really that dangerous, but why take the risk? There are plenty of BPA-free alternatives on local shelves.

For Tots

BornFree bottles are available at Buy Buy Baby in both five-ounce and nine-ounce sizes ($19 to $20 for two; 270 Seventh Ave., nr. 26th St.; 917-344-1555). Wide-necked bottles from Thinkbaby can be bought at Giggle ($17 to $18 for two; 120 Wooster St., nr. Prince St.; 212-334-5817). A new California company, Green to Grow, makes bottles that fit with Medela breast pumps ($9 to $11 at 16th Avenue Pharmacy, 4408 Sixteenth Ave., nr. 44th St., Borough Park; 718-871-6700). The oddly boob-shaped Adiri Natural Nurser comes in three age-appropriate models ($12.50 at Whole Foods, 4 Union Sq. S., nr. 14th St.; 212-673-5388). A more expensive glass bottle from Wee-Go is encased in a silicone sleeve ($20 at, which offers one-day delivery). And arriving soon at Babies ‘R’ Us: Dr. Brown’s newly launched, BPA-free polypropylene bottle ($5; 24-30 Union Sq. E., nr. 15th St.; 212-798-9905).

For Jocks

Nalgene jugs, a much-adored yet BPA-ridden accessory used by hikers, bikers, and thirsty cubicle jockeys, are already being phased out. The company’s new Everyday line of BPA-free containers is available at the triathlon superstore JackRabbit Sports ($9 to $10; 42 W. 14th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-727-2980). The newest design from Camelbak, called the Better Bottle, is available at Paragon ($8 to $10; 867 Broadway, at 18th St.; 212-255-8036). Swiss-made aluminum bottles from Sigg have interchangeable lids and colorful designs; sizes range from 10 to 34 ounces, the smallest even working as a sippy-cup alternative ($20 to $22 at Paragon; $16 to $22 for kid’s sizes at Mini Jake, 178 N. 9th St., nr. Bedford Ave., Williamsburg; 718-782-2005).

The Nontoxic Alternatives