And While in Red Hook…

Map by Jason Lee

1. Liberty Sunset Garden Center
204–207 Van Dyke St., nr. Conover St.; 718-858-3400
The nursery just unveiled a 30,000-square-foot yard with a windmill.

2. Home/Made
293 Van Brunt St., nr. Pioneer St.; 203-496-1169
Green-minded and antique wares starting July 3.

3. Brooklyn Ice House
318 Van Brunt St., nr. Pioneer St.; 718-222-1865
A new BBQ-and-beer joint in the former Pioneer Bar-B-Q space.

4. Metal and Thread
398 Van Brunt St., nr. Coffey St.; 718-414-9651
The artist-owned shop sells metal mesh jewelry and antique oddities.

5. Pier Glass
499 Van Brunt St., at the harbor, Ste. 2A; 718-237-2073
Pick up hand-forged copper and glass bowls at this husband-and-wife-owned studio.

6. Saipua
392 Van Brunt St., nr. Dikeman St.; 718-624-2929
The soap makers hand-cut and air-dry bars on-site.

7. Erie Basin
388 Van Brunt St., at Dikeman St.; 718-554-6147
Recent finds: Victorian earrings, gemstone brooches.

8. Atlantis
351 Van Brunt St., nr. Wolcott St.; 718-858-8816
The reclaimed-furniture shop resembles a well-preserved attic.

9. Annabelle’s
44 Beard St., at Dwight St.; 718-643-1500
A new New Orleans–inspired restaurant.

10. Valentino Park and Pier
Entrance on Coffey and Ferris Sts.
Because you’ll be needing some fresh air after the Ikea madness.

And While in Red Hook…