Make That Sale!

Hawk less stuff.
The fewer items for sale, the more likely people are to buy them. You can always restock as items disappear.

Suck in buyers.
Set your most attention-grabbing, desirable goods in the middle of the stoop so people are physically drawn into the space. Once customers find themselves in the middle, they feel almost obligated to shop.

Price for negotiation.
If there’s something you really don’t want to drop the price on, throw in something else—a smaller item—for “free.”

Manufacture desirability.
If you have a bin of old books, make a sign that says “Max five per customer.” The consumer is psychologically compelled to purchase before his neighbor does.

Touch people.
Instead of simply pointing out an item to a customer, walk him over to it and physically place the item into his hands. You’re 15 percent more likely to buy something if it’s in your hands.

Create a retail environment.
Play music—not necessarily the music you like, but music for the customer you want to attract. Put up flags and balloons. It sounds silly, but it works.

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Make That Sale!