Winter Blankets

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

1. Faux-fur throw, $119 at Pottery Barn; 212-579-8477.
So velvety warm you could couch-surf inside an igloo. One flaw: could be larger.

2. Down-and-fleece throw, $79 at Eddie Bauer; 718-459-2270.
No-nonsense, survival-ready wrap takes you from 98.6 degrees to a raging furnace in seconds.

3. Waffle blanket, $450 at Rag & Bone; 212-219-0631.
Appealingly oversize, so you can swaddle yourself like a burrito—twice.

4. Donna Karan knit throw, $99.99 at Bloomingdale’s; 212-705-2000.
Shed-free and ultrasoft; still, too lightweight for January cold snaps.

5. Cashmere cable-knit throw, $595 at Ralph Lauren; 212-606-2100.
Looks and feels (and even smells a little) like a go-to winter sweater.

6. Synchilla blanket, $35 at Patagonia; 212-343-1776.
Essentially a Snuggie without armholes. Points for the “bonfire orange” hue.

7. Peacock stripe throw, $58 at Urban Outfitters; 646-638-1646.
Scratchier than it looks. After a few minutes, you’re itchy and covered in Technicolor fuzz.

8. Molteni Home throw, $237 at ABC Carpet & Home; 212-473-3000.
Appealingly décor-neutral; good for drafty apartments.

9. Performance fleece blanket, $10 at Old Navy Soho; 212-226-0838.
More like a flannel sheet than a blanket. It is cheap though.

Winter Blankets