Intelligent Design
Introducing origami cabinetry—a now-you-see-the-laptop-now-you-don’t approach to the home office.

Halston's Old House
How millionaire photographer Gunter Sachs has remade a site of great architectural (Paul Rudolph) and social (Liza Minnelli) history.

Hoop Dream
Parental discretion advised: Showing this gym to children may provoke unreasonable gift requests come December.

A Voyeur's Scrapbook
So that’s where Martha works out. A peek inside the personal spaces of some public faces.

Fire Wall
Manhattan’s most striking new townhouse guards its privacy with a thin metal skin.

Cache Business
How do two members of the art world decide what should go in their own apartment? By mutual persuasion.

Crawl Space
It’s the ultimate in private urban retreats—but two exes are kind enough to share it with each other.
Lost in Place
Who knew the Frick had a bowling alley? A mini-tour of hidden New York spaces—some abandoned, others restored, but all still there.


From the Sidewalk to Your Living Room
A determined scavenger proves that New York’s streets can fully furnish an apartment in one (strenuous) day.

The Nouveaux Totalitarians
The four thirtysomethings behind AvroKO have two James Beard Awards, a hot streak of restaurant openings, and total control of the design process—from architecture to graphics to the food itself. Next up: Your home and your life.


Everything Plus the Sink
A tour of some very different takes on the urban kitchen—from a foodie’s dream lab to a live-cook space of the future.

Just a Little Bit Country
A Hollywood design team prefers that their Noho kitchen not be misread as rural.

Foodie's Delight
Wait, what does that do? Self-taught chef—and culinary obsessive— David Arnold reinvents the galley kitchen.

Futuristic Recipes
Architect Joel Sanders dreams up the ideal island kitchen for the island of Manhattan.

The New Hearth
A Brooklyn family combines the modern—restaurant-supply metal—with the primal: one truly working fireplace.

Lean Cuisine
A seamless, stainless, hyper-minimalist space is the perfect non-cook’s companion.

Champagne and Mirrors
Glass countertops, glossy wood floors, and a silver sink: Miles Redd’s thirties-inspired version of the glamour kitchen.

Kitchen Shoppers Guide
True kitchen lovers will find much to covet in design ideas inspired by the range of kitchens above.


La Grenouille’s Garret
Atop the storied restaurant is a studio that looks far more Montparnasse than midtown.

Closet in the Sky
Elegantly nautical storage space in one boat-loving businessman’s Fifth Avenue penthouse.

Summery in the City
A Village duplex by Jonathan Adler that hearkens back to seventies Palm Beach.

Cottage Industry
How to make a small Sag Harbor summer house feel open, airy, and older than its years.

Ceiling Fans
Howard Read, co-owner of Chelsea gallery Cheim & Read, and his wife Katia put up an unusual installation.

John Bartlett's Beuys Life
Just before he decided to try and make another go of it in the fashion business, designer John Bartlett decided to renovate his apartment.Now the presiding spirit for the London Terrace one-bedroom is German artist Joseph Beuys, even though Bartlett doesn’t own a single work.

Richard Avedon's Interior World
Above the photographer’s famous Upper East Side studio was his own live-work apartment—in which every wall was a bulletin board and decorating was an exercise in brilliant juxtapositions.

A Long Island City Artists’ Colony
A furniture designer and his roommates' 5,000-square-foot loft is a former factory that manufactured everything from sweaters to war medals.

Inside Hollywood and Bleeker
Inside Mark Field and Greg Ventra's carriage house lies a sleek bedroom designed for maximum ‘bling factor.’ (February 2005)

Scenes From a Classic Fourteen
Fashion designer Fernando Sanchez’s home is one of the city’s last true holdouts of Belle Époque living.

Author Andrew Solomon's Guest Room
“Whenever I find life overwhelming, I go to this room, and it offers passage to another state of consciousness.”


Sky Lab
High atop the Time Warner Center, a couple experiments with some radical color schemes. (April 2005)

The Indoorsman
How to decorate a city apartment as if it weren’t in the city at all. (April 2005)

The Italian Job
Tuscany meets Venice in a triangular 1700s house in the West Village. (April 2005)

Brooklyn Baroque
Who says you can’t put pagodas, Pucci ties, monkey wallpaper, a mannequin, and lots of stuffed animals all in the same house? (April 2005)

Watch the Closing Door
And the in-floor Jacuzzi pit. And the see-through bathtub. And the wok hearth. (April 2005)

Design Scientist

For her clients, decorator Elaine Griffin buys antiques. For herself, she opts for burlap drapes and the Salvation Army. (October 2004)

The Scavenger
Even retail guru Murray Moss—who uses his apartment as product lab—has learned to embrace a little tackiness. (October 2004)

A Museum of His Own
Art-world impresario Yvonne Force Villareal curates her family’s Tribeca apartment. (October 2004)

The Rivington Saga
In Rafael and Diana Viñoly’s new loft, the architect was more than happy to leave almost everything up to his wife, the decorator. (October 2004)

His Piano, Her Apartment
In Rafael and Diana Viñoly’s new loft, the architect was more than happy to leave almost everything up to his wife, the decorator. (October 2004)

Luxe Barnes with Charm
High-style rustic charrm. (April 2004)

The Architect's Architect
What’s it like to have Daniel Libeskind as a client? And for him to be one? Tour his loft. (April 12, 2004)

The Water Tower Room
A renovation worth fighting the co-op board for. (April 12, 2004)

The All-White Penthouse
Doing an entire apartment in white is treacherous for even the tidiest. For a family with two young sons and a dachshund it seems positively masochistic. (April 12, 2004)

East Village Clash Pad
How much can one architect change his client’s taste? (April 12, 2004)

Designing for Lou Reed
The pleasures and perils of it. See his at-home studio. (April 12, 2004)

David Barton's Fantasy Gym
How the Bonetti/Kozerski Studio did it. (April 12, 2004)

Richard Meier: Tour the Towers
One of the first tenants to set up house in Richard Meier’s towers embraces the exposure (most of the time) from his sleek—but luxuriously soft—modernist perch. (February 09, 2004)

Twin Spaces, Different Faces
A pair of 600-square-foot alcove studios in London Terrace showcase two solutions to the same problem. (December 15, 2003)

Joseph Holtzman's Full Nest
For Joseph Holtzman, the witty and urbane editor of Nest, country living means fake hippo heads, pot-leaf upholstery, plenty of guests, and a totally new take on the “drawing room.” (November 10, 2003)

House Tours: Todd Oldham, Emil Wilbekin
Prominent New Yorkers walk us through their homes, from a radically renovated brownstone to an art-filled aerie. (October 13, 2003)

4 City Kitchen Designs
Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are four stunning designs you can emulate. (April 28, 2003)

Vivienne Tam's Home
The designer's East-meets-West aesthetic extends from her fashions to her serene revamped apartment. (April 28, 2003)

Keith McNally's Townhouse
The man behind Pastis and Balthazar turns an 1841 townhouse into a luxurious retreat.(October 14, 2002)

A Village Duplex
Combines Southeast Asian embellishments with a pared-down, high-tech design. (October 14, 2002)

4 Fab Apartments
Tips for stylish city living from Bill Blass designer Lars Nilsson to Harlem historian Michael Henry Adams. (2002)

4 Daring Makeovers
Four problem apartments. Four daring apartment makeovers! Plus, where to get the same looks for less. (2001)

  Six Fixes for Problem Apartments
Manhattan’s top architects and designers offer inventive (and inexpensive!) solutions to the problems that most plague the New York City rental apartment. (October 13, 2003)


10 Designers to Watch
And what they’re learning along the way.(April 12, 2004)

Beauteous Bathrooms: A Buyer's Guide
Cleaning your tub was never this much fun. (April 28, 2003)

Kitchen Design Buyer's Guide
Where to go to create a cook's haven. (April 28, 2003)

Top 100 Designers and Architects
A range of home-design legends and up-and-comers, each of them ready to help you rethink how you live. Plus: How to hire the right designer (October 14, 2002)

Bright Ideas
Splashy, stylish basics—graphic throw pillows, colorful glasses.. (October 14, 2002)

  The Dean of Decorators
Interior decorator Albert Hadley has some strong words for young designers. (April 12, 2004)