Harry Bernstein, Advertising Art Director

What’s this look?
I’ve been going for a cross between preppy and old-fashioned. The fedora is the old-fashioned part. What I like is when something is a little off, but not so off that I’m a circus freak. For me, originality is about taking two things that already exist and combining them. Like, hydrogen and oxygen making water.

Where did you get this outfit?
My hat I got vintage out in Williamsburg. My peacoat is Comme des Garçons. I bought it at If on Grand, and my glasses I got on Orchard Street. My scarf is from Century 21.

What do you do?
I’ve done ads for IBM, Kodak, Heineken. My most recent client, Boost, does urban stuff.

What’s your favorite ad?
Nothing has inspired me lately—and I’m a very positive person! I feel like everything’s being recycled.

What’s the last thing that moved you?
Two summers ago, I drove cross-country, and I was in the White Sands desert of New Mexico. That left an impression on me. And I like photography—Gregory Crewdson, Katy Grannan. And I do listen to hip-hop, believe it or not. I like the whole Houston scene.

How did you get into that?
When you grow up in New York you think you’re in the cultural epicenter, but, like, the South! It’s this whole thing! I’ve been dating girls from the South, and I worry about being Harry Bernstein. I look like a combo of Woody Allen and Howard Stern, see? But I’m not Jewish, I’m Catholic. No one believes me. And I’m like, “My mom’s Catholic, those are the rules!” By Jewish law I’m not Jewish, but I could definitely roll in South Williamsburg. And they love me in B&H.

Harry Bernstein, Advertising Art Director