These #2006vs2016 Tweets Prove Nothing Is Faster Than the Speed of Puberty

There’s nothing like a fun hashtag to make you really come to grips with your own mortality.

Lately, #2006vs2016 has had brave Twitter users sharing a picture from ten years ago alongside a shot of their present-day selves. From one photo to another, adorably awkward (and deeply relatable) tweens and teens with questionable haircuts, plucked-to-extinction brows, and jauntily angled bucket hats magically evolve into full-on grown-ups with secondary sex characteristics and sleep debts. There’s hope for all of you yet, seventh graders who’ve just discovered eyeliner.

Ask not for whom the puberty bell tolls; it tolls for thee. Here are some of our favorite submissions, from low-level internet celebrities and a Property Brother to normals:

While we’re on the subject: President Obama, before you leave office, please consider issuing an executive order that would require all high-school fashions — particularly those purchased at Hot Topic, emblazoned with the Aéropostale logo, or shoplifted from the choker section at Claire’s — to be manufactured with an expiration date. This concerned citizen thanks you.


#2006vs2016 Tweets Prove Nothing Is Faster Than Puberty