8 Quick Gifts for the Runner in Your Life This Season

The best part about running in the winter is hurtling through an empty park as if you’re living in your own Nike commercial. The worst part is freezing your glutes off because you don’t have the proper gear. Here are some of our favorite, most weather-appropriate products to keep you running all winter.

Nike Pegasus Shield, $125

The legendary Pegasus — bouncy, supple, and lightweight enough for Olympic great Mo Farah — gets upgraded for the winter. Nike has transformed the shoe into a cold-weather beast, adding a water-repellent coating to the outside and a water-resistant liner inside, without sacrificing performance. They’ll keep your feet dry, even when the slush rivers start flowing down Fifth Avenue.

Tracksmith Bislett, $148

Finally, running pants that aren’t unflattering spandex. New England’s Tracksmith makes premium athletic threads with a nod to running’s historic past (think: leafy Ivy League cross-country races).

North Face Runners ETip Glove, $30

This fleece-lined glove is water resistant and ready for the elements: super-lightweight without forfeiting warmth. It’s the ideal winter running glove for the crazies who secretly love bone-chilling morning jaunts.

Photo: (c) ROKA Sports 2016

Roka Elite All Season Longsleeve, $85

The best thing about this Roka longsleeve is how well it breathes, which is hugely important once you inevitably start to sweat underneath all your layers. The material pulls the sweat away from your skin, so you don’t turn into a Popsicle five miles from home.

Farm to Feet Greensboro 3/4 Crew, From $12

Farm to Feet’s socks are 100 percent American-made, from the merino wool they use to keep your feet warm to the ink on the package. And the Greensboro 3/4 Crew, which trades bulky old-school wool for fine merino, is the perfect winter training partner.

Oakley Frogskins Polarized, $150

Throw it back to mid-’90s MTV Rock N’ Jock with the classic Oakley Frogskins. You can personalize them online, or swing by any Oakley store near you to test drive all the crazy color combinations you want.

Asics Lite Show Winter Jacket, $130

When the sun starts setting right after lunch, it means you’re running in the dark after work. Asics’s Lite Show jacket lives up to its name with reflective elbow pads and piping on the shoulders and zippers that make it visible from any angle. You’ll stay safe, warm, and dry.

Garmin Forerunner 235, $330

The Garmin Forerunner 235 tells you how far you’ve run, how fast you’re running, and what your heart rate is. And for the personal-data freaks, you can upload it all to your computer when you get home and dissect pacing, cadence, recovery time, and a host of other running geekery we won’t bore you with here.

8 Quick Gifts for the Runner in Your Life This Season