Odd & Serious Ate the New Fast & Furious 8 Teaser Trailer

You may have thought the Fast & Furious movies were about fast cars driving around quickly and sometimes exploding, but you were wrong, and possibly stupid.

In a new teaser for Fast & Furious 8, emotional cast members like Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and Michelle Rodriguez directly address the camera about the importance of the franchise, which has grown increasingly sentimental following the tragic death of co-star Paul Walker in 2013. (Notable exception: The Rock, who comes off just as corny as everyone else, but has made the very disorienting choice of looking slightly to the side of the lens. A little to your left, Dwayne.)

“No matter how our adventures grow, Fast and the Furious is always about one very important thing: family,” says Tyrese Gibson.

This clip also includes a few shots of Charlize Theron as a new villain, Cipher, about whom little is known except that she’s a Metallica fan (or at least a fan of Metallica T-shirts).

The actual trailer for Family & Did We Mention Family 8 drops December 11, but the movie itself won’t be released until April of next year. That leaves plenty of time for more teasers for trailers and trailers for teasers and teasers for trailers for teasers yet to come.

Odd & Serious Ate the New Fast & Furious 8 Teaser Trailer