Please Enjoy This German Police-Cam Shot of a Horse Breaking the Speed Limit

Pony Express: Caught on speed cam doing a cool 27 mph in the HOOV lane. Photo: Brandenberg Police Department

It’s a nondenominational, any-holiday December miracle: A German police speed camera allegedly captured this photo of a horse (and rider) galloping at 43 kilometers per hour (just under 27 mph).

The picture apparently dates back to 2005, but the Brandenburg Police only posted it to their official Facebook page on Tuesday, as part of what seems to be some kind of social-media Advent calendar (why, yes, that normal thing that all American police departments definitely do). Since then, the image has been shared more than 2,300 times.

Google translates the headline of this story about the photo in the German tabloid Bild as “Police Flash horse - and thousands like it,” which really is a perfect sequence of words. According to Bild, a police spokeswoman suggested the photo may have been the result of a camera test rather than a Kodak moment that occurred organically in the wild, which we have to admit makes more sense.

As skeptical commenter Jane Soucek asked — per Facebook’s deeply questionable automatic German-to-English translation — “Since when are because speed trap in the middle of the woods? ;D” The police responded, “You must expect everywhere, getting a speeding ticket. 😉”

Fortunately, the universal form of human expression that is the wink emoji requires no translation.

Enjoy a Police-Cam Shot of a Horse Breaking the Speed Limit