Kristen Stewart — and a Mustang GT — Star in the New Rolling Stones Video

The Rolling Stones’ new music video is three minutes of Kristen Stewart speeding through the empty streets of a seemingly post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in a gorgeous vintage Mustang. That is to say, it’s pretty good.

In “Ride ‘Em on Down,” the Twilight alumna enjoys a tongue-staining lollipop in the same bright shade of blue as her ride, puffs on a cigarette and dances alone at a gas station, wards off a drifter in a cop car, then spins donuts in the L.A. River culvert. The stylish video was shot by Newton Thomas Sigel, a cinematographer known for his work on (wait for it) Drive.

Released Friday, Blue & Lonesome is the Stones’ first studio album since 2005, and the band’s first-ever album consisting only of covers. Blues standard “Shake ‘Em on Down” was written and originally recorded by Bukka White in 1937. Later artists, like Eddie Taylor in 1955, covered the song with alternate titles like “Ride ‘Em on Down” and “Break ‘Em on Down.”

If we’re each assigned a car like this for the end of the world, maybe it won’t be so bad.

Kristen Stewart and a Mustang GT star in New Stones Video