The First Official Amazon Drone Delivery Took 13 Minutes From Click to Door

Photo: Amazon

Yesterday, Amazon announced that the first Prime Air delivery via drone was successfully completed earlier this month, meaning we’re one step closer to a new age of online shopping — and one step closer to what we can only imagine will be an epidemic of concussions among carefree pedestrians with below-average peripheral vision.

In footage provided by Amazon, the drone carries a small package through the English countryside, which looks deceptively peaceful and for now otherwise free of aircraft, and deposits that cargo on a mini-helipad in the expansive yard (did we mention this is the countryside?) of the man who ordered it.

The whole process reportedly took just 13 minutes from click to the package’s arrival, which is really fast. Like, suspiciously fast. That kind of window leaves zero leeway to cancel those questionable wine-and-NyQuil-lubricated late-night purchases we don’t discuss publicly — which maybe is exactly the point? The GPS-guided drones are equipped to transport packages of less than five pounds, although we do enjoy the mental image of a drone with a grand piano (or at least this $243 child-size one) dangling precariously between its propellers.

This beta test currently comprises only two customers, but will soon reach dozens more users who reside within miles of their fulfillment center. Amazon drones have been a twinkle in CEO Jeff Bezos’s eye (and an ulcer in the FAA’s stomach) since 2013, when it was announced that the company was pursuing an unmanned-vehicle delivery program. Back then, Bezos said he hoped to have drones at work in major cities by 2015.

Call us when the dream of drone pizza becomes a reality.

The First Official Amazon Drone Delivery Took 13 Minutes