Watch a Traffic Jedi Hit 240 Consecutive Green Lights in Manhattan

Photo: Katsuyoshi Tanaka/Getty Images/iStockphoto

There’s nothing like the feeling of narrowly catching a green light — and, one has to imagine, there’s really nothing like the feeling of doing it 240 times in a row. You’d have to ask Noah Forman, who recently did exactly this in Manhattan. Here’s the accelerated version:

Setting out on December 6 at 3:27 a.m., Forman took 26 minutes in total (you can watch the unedited video here) to complete his quest. Watching him cruise through the mostly deserted city streets is oddly soothing; it’s like he’s discovered a cheat code for the universe.

Forman, who drives a TLC black car and previously recorded himself hitting a 100-plus-light streak, told Gothamist that feats like this one have actually gotten considerably more difficult to pull off over over the last two years, thanks to the proliferation of Ubers and more nighttime traffic from trucks.

“I was hoping to push my goal up to a large number like 500 green lights, but I’ll settle for this: no stopping, smooth, well mostly smooth sailing, for an estimated 240 lights, one yellow, all the rest green,” he said.

Five hundred green lights? That’s nothing. We believe in you, Noah Forman.

Watch a Traffic Jedi Hit 240 Consecutive Green Lights in NYC