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25 Posters We Found on Amazon That You’d Actually Frame

There are a lot of gems on Amazon if you know where to look. Photo: courtesy of the retailer

It’s not always clear what Amazon carries when it comes to the things-to-hang-on-your-wall department. (There’s a lot of stuff like this.) But if you know what to search for and where to look, there are actually some fabulous posters and prints — 26 of which we’ve gathered below.

Photographer O. Winston Link spent a good part of the late 1950s traveling through small southern towns, documenting the steam engine’s last hurrah and the major role it played in people’s lives. This image is of a group of friends hanging out by a swimming pool as a train zooms by, and it feels so ’50s.

The Supremes at Lincoln Center, courtesy of famed illustrator Joe Eula.

Foreign versions of American movie posters are always fun. Auntie Mame, the classic Rosalind Russell movie-musical, gets the French-poster treatment here.

Malditos. Burgueses. Enamorados. A Spanish poster for the cult Whit Stillman film.

Designed by Anna Huskowska, this Polish Dumbo poster would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom.

We were obsessed with/terrified by this German movie about a 13-year-old heroin addict when we were in high school, and we know for a fact that Chloë Sevigny had this framed in her living room at one point.

Some ’90s nostalgia for the bedroom (or dorm room).

A very simple phases of the moon print.

Forget a vintage subway map: How about a poster from the movie about the person who designed the subway map? This poster is for Design Is One, the documentary about renowned designer couple Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

A 1979 exhibition poster that (very helpfully) comes framed.

$30 is an excellent price for a framed poster of a painting by Hilma af Klint, the early-20th-century Swedish painter who is the subject of a much-Instagrammed exhibit at the Guggenheim.

From 1896, and currently framed in a Strategist editor’s bathroom.

There are few things more elegant than Alexander Calder’s Galerie Maeght exhibit posters. This one’s from a show of his signature “stabiles.”

Actual parachutes were held up by metal rings on this famous ride that made its debut during the 1939 World’s Fair.

A poster advertising artist Jacob Lawrence’s 1965 show at Terry Dintenfass Gallery.

This poster is giving off some vintage Hall of Minerals vibes, for the new New Agers out there.

This poster of a Mexican Lotería card would look great in a kitchen.

Milton Glaser (one of the co-founders of New York) created this poster in 1968 for a show of “Big Nudes” at the Visual Arts Gallery.

We actually discovered the origins of this amazing (and odd) poster advertising grapefruits and oranges: The Yiddish was meant to attract Jews living in Florida in the 1940s. How excellent is the exclamation point?

This poster features an illustration from the first edition of Edith Wharton’s classic House of Mirth. The quote at the bottom — “You don’t seem to remember my existence nowadays” — is something Mrs. Trenor says to Lily. Very angsty and teen-bedroom appropriate.

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25 Posters We Found on Amazon That You’d Actually Frame