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The Best Birthday Gifts for Tweens, According to Tweens

Best Gifts for Tweens

Tweens: They’re too old for toys, too young for a nice bottle of wine. So what do you buy them (besides an iPhone 6s)? We went straight to the age group in question for their suggestions on the best gifts for tweens. (Note: No FAA registration required for the drone.)

“It’s a video drone that you can fly away from where you are, and then you look at the video to see where it is so you can fly it back from wherever without having to walk to it! Once my friend and I flew it up on the roof and took all these videos from way up high.” — Clinton, Long Branch, New Jersey

“Electric scooters are so much better than the non-electric ones. I break those way too easily. Also, the electric ones go really fast. I’ll ride on it for, like, an hour until the battery runs out. Then we charge it up and I ride on it again.” — Siri, San Francisco, California

“It has chalk and watercolor pencils and charcoal and a sharpener — all kinds of stuff. It’s in a suitcase, which is really cool because it’s easy to carry around. I like to go to the American Museum of Natural History and sketch all the animals in those glass cases.” — Evangeline, Staten Island, New York

“My family is really into board games, and King of Tokyo is a good choice because it’s pretty simple; the others we play like Mysterium and Karuba are really hard, but that’s because we’re advanced. With King of Tokyo, you have to become the ruler to win the game. You roll dice with different symbols on the sides. A lightning bolt gives you energy, which is the currency in the game, which means you can buy cards to give you stuff. And then there’s this claw where you can attack the other players’ hearts! It’s a lot easier to explain when you’ve got the board in front of you.” — Siri, San Francisco, California

“It’s the perfect size for a small yard. My parents don’t want a trampoline because of the possible hospital bills. It gets me so mad! You just need rules, like no flipping! Plus, everybody I know has one.” — Maggie, Charleston, South Carolina

“It’s a massive big ship and goes through space! I don’t play the video game, but I like the toys. There’s also the Pelican and all the aliens. You can use your imagination and go on adventures. Sometimes I have friends over; sometimes I play by myself.” — Charlie, Staten Island, New York