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YogaToes Cured My Lifelong Fear of Bunions

Photo: Retailer

There are lots of surface-level ways to get prettier feet, whether it’s by using pumice stones, Baby Feet, or a great pair of clippers. But my issue — bunions, or at least the fear of bunions — runs deeper. I inherited this fear from my grandma. For as long as I’ve known her, until she got them amputated, she had hammertoes, which means that her second toes (the ones she no longer has) curled over the next-door big toes, forming a sort of toe mountain. The fear passed down to my mom, whose biggest vice has always been buying shoes but now only wears the comfortable ones. She’s so far managed to avoid hammertoes, bunions, and the deformities of middle-aged feet with a dedicated shoe-shopping mantra (“But how do they feel?” she repeats again and again) and one secret weapon: YogaToes.

They’re named after their inventor’s Iyengar yoga practice, which encourages the use of props to help make the most precise poses, from the stretch of the toes to the curve of the spine, and they look weird — like a gel ladder, a little bigger than the size of your foo