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18 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From a Woolrich Jacket to Pocky Sticks

We dug through the deep, dark depths of the internet and found 40 percent off Nike Flyknits, an A.P.C. scarf, and a (slight) deal on Pocky sticks.

A super-warm winter coat made from 90 percent duck down, and 10 percent feather.
Original Price: $495

The most dainty padding-around-the-house shoes. (Men: Might we suggest Andre Leon Talley’s Ugg slippers.)
Original Price: $135

A party dress from the somewhat culty Brooklyn designer who’s about to have a big year (apparently she’s opening a store in Soho this February.)
Original Price: $402

A removable strap lets you go from clutch to everyday bag.
Original Price: $330

A basic sweater with somewhat un-basic touches (the droopy sleeves, the arched hem).
Original Price: $345

Some made-in-Japan slip-ons that’ll look good with pretty much anything.
Original Price: $150

Your new Saturday and Sunday sneaks.
Original Price: $160

A swoopy scarf made from “soft, virgin-wool construction” which sounds very soft.
Original Price: $193

Considered to be one of the best bluetooth-connected shower radios out there. It even lets you answer phone calls. (Makes a good gift, too.)
Original Price: $100

A sleeveless suede dress (that would look great with a turtleneck) from Lyndsey Butler’s New York-based brand, beloved by downtown gals.
Original Price: $695

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

This is a very good price for this very warm down jacket from Woolrich. (It also comes in a grayish hue, and sizes are selling out each time we check in.)
Original Price: $875

For some Samantha-the-American-Girl-doll vibes.
Original Price: $140

A Jack Spade canvas messenger bag that doesn’t look like everyone else’s Jack Spade canvas messenger bag.
Original Price: $227