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You know that old saw about grown men reverting back to childhood? It’s especially true when it comes to clothes — when I see pictures of dandies in three-piece suits and bowties and brogues, I think, “Man, that looks exhausting.” Most days, I just want to get out the door dressed like Seinfeld.

Thankfully, fashion is experiencing the same dress-up fatigue — dad caps are still a thing, athleisure refuses to go away, and the cool kids remain bullish on brand merch. So the fresh new New York hats and tees are what you might call on trend.

The two T-shirts and four baseball caps now available (including one in Pendleton gray wool) are all in collaboration with team-merch retailer New Era. Art director Jay Guillermo came up with the updated designs after spotting one of his friends in a bootleg New York hat. “Our logo is such a part of New York culture,” Guillermo says, “I felt inspired to update our clothing in the style of those wool hats my dad and grandpa used to wear. Old-man style for the kids.”

New York T-shirts and caps

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Get Your New York Merch!