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This Pod Snuggles My Baby While I Drink Rosé

My son Gideon was born three weeks early and I returned from the hospital dazed, confused, with a broken vagina, and desperately needing a glass of wine. Waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home was this magical pod-napper sling contraption sent to me by my friend Sabrina.

Was it beautiful? No. But was it necessary? I couldn’t have survived motherhood without it.

Holding and feeding your baby all the time is exhausting. The little nugget spits up post-feeding and you don’t want to lay them flat all the time because “flat head syndrome” is a real thing. Hence this pod. The sides are contoured so the baby is snug, secure, and also slightly elevated. There are also adjustment tabs to accommodate bigger and littler infants. No other seat out there “snuggles” the baby like this one, and while others have activities and games attached to them, this lounger does you one better — it essentially lulls the baby to sleep without any fancy bells or whistles (or noise!). Sabrina was gifted hers from another mom, and passed the secret magic along to me through the chain of secret mom knowledge.

For three months, this was the only place that Gideon would nap. He would nestle in and doze for hours (or like, two hours, which is a miracle). As friends and family came to visit, Gideon would happily sit in his pod, while we chatted and poured them rosé. And then I poured myself rosé. And then everyone was happy.

Added bonus, the entire thing is machine washable, and it’s available on Amazon, which if you are pregnant, get a Prime membership immediately, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

As soon as a friend informs me they are having a baby, I send this immediately. It is the best $43 I have ever spent. Which, incidentally, is the cost of sanity.

Leacho Podster

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This Pod Snuggles My Baby While I Drink Rosé