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What Should I Gift a 16-Year-Old?

This holiday season, we’re asking the toughest people to shop for — from a grandmother to a techie to a wellness enthusiast to a cat fancier — the simple question: “What do you want for the holidays?” Here, 16-year-old Wallis Edwards of the Upper East Side on her highly curated wish list.

Glossier balm dotcom.

What are some of the big crazes with your friends right now?Everyone I know loves Glossier because it’s just really cool and also the products are good, which is a bonus. I don’t use a ton of the makeup because I prefer to have ten extra minutes of sleep, but I really like the Soothing Face Mist and the Balm Dotcom. If you look on their Instagram, nothing looks like someone is wearing tons and tons of contour. It’s nice because it seems doable.

Do you guys like Kylie Lip Kits?
Okay, so it’s weird. I have one because my sister accidentally ordered two, so she gave me one. I know people have them, but I don’t think anyone is waiting around until they restock. I think when they were so unavailable, it was such hype. Like, “Oh my god. Could I get one?” Now that I can go online and order one, I’m not really into spending that much money. My sister ordered two knockoff ones that are just as good. I don’t really buy into the whole thing of “It’s so much better because it’s Kylie.”