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This Robe Feels Like You’re Wearing a Bed

I have a theory that everyone is divisible into two groups: Those who like to be warmed, and those who like to be cooled. I identify with the former category. My preferences include, but are not limited to: hot tubs, fall sweaters, and sitting too close to the hibachi onion fire. Yet, I’ve never been one for robes. See, I just don’t spend much time dripping and dilly-dallying after bathing. My pajama regiment is a standard routine of stolen mesh volleyball shorts or birthday suits. But then my girlfriend gifted me the pelt-like Nap™ Robe by Brookstone. (How the retail chain trademarked the word nap, I have no idea.)

The Nap™ Robe is an immersive experience. It is plush and machine washable. Its fabric is sewn from satin and angel skin. Imagine a bed on wheels, but then imagine that bed as a robe, and that is the Nap™ Robe. For the past six months, it has been the single best thing for my sleep hygiene. Instead of curling up in bed with my laptop, I can sit at my desk in my Nap™ Robe. It’s a transition point between the worlds of the living and sleeping, my own personal Sandman.

Did I have to buy a Nest to responsibly cool my home in Austin to 68°F each evening so I can don the Nap™ Robe without breaking out in a heat rash? Sure. Sometimes do I tie the top part of the Nap™ Robe around my waist like a cushiony kilt to avoid overheating? Absolutely. In fact, I’ve never actually been able to take a nap in the Nap™ Robe due to its patented ability to insulate heat like the mantle of the earth’s core. This robe is probably better suited to those in northeastern climates.

But for the Nap™ Robe, it’s all worth it. Go ahead and gift someone it, because when you need a hug or when your roommate didn’t pay the gas bill, the Nap™ Robe is there. Just step inside and wrap yourself up, and, suddenly, life is a little easier. Blissful, even. Maybe it’s just how Icarus felt right before his wings melted.

The Nap Robe by Brookstone

Another Cozy Gift We Can Get Behind

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

“My Ugg slippers are like a black mule, but made for a man: thin-soled and sheepskin-lined. I like the black matte leather, not the suede. They are the most comfortable things. My feet have become bigger because of them, I think. They’ve spread like a platypus because I wear Uggs. But there’s nothing like them. It’s true what they say: Once you put on an Ugg, you never turn back.” —Andre Leon Talley, Vogue contributing editor

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This Robe Feels Like You’re Wearing a Bed