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7 Famous People on the Best Gift They Ever Got (And What They Hope to Get This Year)

We love asking celebrities the mundane question, “What’s the last thing you’ve bought online that you’re obsessed with?,” but decided to mix things up a little for the holidays. We polled seven famous people on the best gift they’ve ever gotten, and what they’re hoping to get this year. Now we know, thanks to Olivia Munn, that you can buy life-size Yodas on Amazon and if you have an occasion to run into Patricia Clarkson before the holidays, she’d like an Apple Watch.

Emmy Rossum

Photo: 2016 Getty Images

The Best Gift She’s Ever Gotten
I like experiences. I like cooking lessons. Sushi lessons. Because then, if you want, you can invite the person that got it for you to do it with you and share in the experience together.”

Connie Britton

The Best Gift She’s Ever Gotten
“Last year, I said all I really care about for Christmas is world peace. And my cousin gave me a bag that says, ‘All I really want for Christmas is world peace.’ And I opened that and I was like, That’s so perfect. That’s like the best gift ever!”

Patricia Clarkson

The Gift She’s Hoping to Get
I kind of want an Apple Watch. My occasional assistant has one, and I just think it seems very Joan Jetson.”

Mark Ruffalo

The Best Gift He’s Ever Gotten
“A toboggan when I was a kid. All I wanted, ever, was a toboggan. I took it out my first day and I cracked it against an ice wall that I thought was a jump, and that was it. But it was an amazing first run.”

The Gift He’s Hoping to Get
“I want a pottery wheel and a kiln. I took up ceramics recently and I really like it. It’s a good meditative process.”

Olivia Munn

The Best Gift She’s Ever Gotten
“So in the original Star Wars there were like 120 life-size Yodas that they used in the group shots. [They were made by] this company, Gentle Giant, which is one of the companies that creates a lot of these sculptures and so much of the stuff that we see in the movies we love. Years ago, I expressed how much I loved it and they sent it to me. I actually have No. 120. It’s like owning Harrison Ford’s elbow. It’s like an actual part of the movie.”

Vanessa Bayer

The Best Gift She’s Ever Gotten
“Leslie Jones just got me a bouquet of cupcakes, and it was very cool. I think it’s new. I took a picture of it on my Instagram and thought maybe they’ll send me free cupcakes. And they haven’t yet, but they always are welcome to.”

Christie Brinkley

Photo: © C. Stawski 2013

The Best Gift She’s Ever Gotten
“My horse. Christmas morning, there was a white horse in the yard, with a big red ribbon. I will never forget that. Billy got it for me.”

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7 Famous People on the Best Holiday Gift They Ever Got