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What I Plan to Gift My Fit Mom

My 67-year-old mother goes to the gym every day and is in better shape than I am. She’s the kind of woman who was a yoga instructor 40 years ago, and loves her Fitbit. She’s tried every health fad, from Atkins to low-acid to anti-inflammatory diets. She’s also the kind of person who gets on the floor and does reps when it’s too cold to leave the house. And yet even though she loves to exercise and take care of herself, she wouldn’t bring herself to indulge in chic workout gear or expensive products. That’s what I’m for.

Since she’s five-foot-one and a mere 100 pounds, I’d buy her the technical, but still comfortable, Merino Thermal “cropped legging” from hipster brand Outdoor Voices which would probably fit her as regular-length pants. I’d also splurge and get her the “freestyle bra” to wear under a Champ crew neck.

Collected from the manuka trees in the pollution-free forests of New Zealand, this raw honey is ridiculously costly, but apparently it will cure pretty much all that ails you (from ulcers to burns) because of the high levels of enzymes that remain intact. It’s a good gift for anyone who worries about what they put in or on their body. Be sure to get one with a bio-activity of 20+ or higher.

She’s recently taken up weight lifting, so she could use a sleek pair of gloves.

She could also use a simple, stacking set of hand weights to use at home.

For at-home stretching I’d replace her ancient, ugly blue yoga mat with this compact, extra-thick one in an inoffensive black. She’ll love that it rolls up nicely and can be stored in the closet.

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What I Plan to Gift My Fit Mom