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The Best $100ish Gifts (That Used to Be a Lot More Expensive)

Sometimes, all you know when going into a gift-giving scenario is the price range. “I want to spend around 100ish dollars,” you tell yourself (whether that’s because they spent 100ish dollars on you last year, or because they’re just a 100ish-dollars type of person). We decided to cull together the best gifts we could find in the 100ish dollar range — with the added bonus of each item having been a lot more expensive at one point or another. Meaning they’re on sale. And meaning you’ll get credit for a $600 knife set or a $320 suitcase, while having spent just (yes) 100ish dollars.

A black-leather belt, with a little bit of ’tude, from Isabel Marant.
Original Price: $125

A faux-fur Carven collar, in a peachy-beige, that fastens with an elegant toggle. Note: This is almost sold out! It’s available in black, too.
Original Price: $140

An extremely colorful clutch that’ll cure their SAD. (This particular clutch is sold out, but here is a very similar one, also on sale.)
Original Price: $285

In the slightly-more-practical bag department: a good ol’ fashioned Samsonite carry-on rolling suitcase — that once cost $320. (Here’s more luggage we like.) Update: This sold out! Here’s another on-sale Samsonite.
Original Price: $320

This Todd Snyder + Champion men’s sweatshirt is made from a “Reverse Weave” fabric that was “dreamed up by American coaches of the 1940s to keep their team’s uniforms in top shape.”
Original Price: $148

These leggings, from Brit athleisure line Monreal, have a real pleasing-on-the-eyes, white-stripe effect. Note: These leggings sold out. Here’s a similar on-sale pair from Monreal.
Original Price: $200

A cozy gray sweater-slash-jacket that they’ll live in through April.
Original Price: $132

This Panasonic coffee maker is apparently extremely easy to use, in addition to being extremely sexy-looking.
Original Price: $140

A faux-leather, worn-in-looking dog bed that feels like it belongs in the lobby of the Ace Hotel.
Original Price: $150

Everyone likes a festive, stripey scarf — especially a festive, stripey, Sonia Rykiel scarf.
Original Price: $270

The bomber-jacket trend? Still going strong. This two-tone black-and-navy one from Native Youth is a particularly handsome specimen.
Original Price: $120

A pair of PJs from chic, chic, chic New York–based loungewear line Marigot.
Original Price: $142

A set of seven Stella McCartney onesies, each festooned with an adorable animal. (Here’s another around-$100 baby gift we love.)
Original Price: $167

A fringed Michael Kors blazer that’s very “Upper East Side mom on the go.” Original Price: $255