The Gifts That the Cut’s Stella Bugbee Will Be Giving (And What She Wants)

Last week, we, the Strategist editors, told you what we’re giving and what we’d like to get for the holidays. This week, we accosted the Cut’s editorial director Stella Bugbee (who has impeccable taste and a fondness for things that are extremely well-made and useful), and asked her to play along. Below, what she’s planning on giving (to her kids, to her husband, to everyone else), and the things that she’d like to receive.

This sounds like the most pretentious “New York parent” thing to say, but my 6-year-old is really into cooking. Since he’s well-covered on Pokémon mega cards and Star Wars legos from his grandparents, I always like to give him kitchen utensils that are “his” to use. This year I’m getting him a panini press so he can learn to perfect his favorite meal: grilled-cheese sandwiches on white bread.

I think I might have found the perfect gift for my tween daughter: The multicolor LED lightbulb that she can control on her phone. Her bedroom Snapchats will be totally off-the-chain (or whatever it is they say to mean “cool” these days. Insert eye-roll emoji here.).

My son has recently started studying photography at his middle school. The Holga medium-format film camera is affordable because it’s made of plastic, but it produces pretty cool photos with light leaks, artful blurring and a built-in nostalgic quality (think Instagram filters, but analog). It’s a great way to encourage his interest without shelling out for an expensive camera — we’ll see if he’s still into this hobby by high school.

The internet is full of recipes, but a good cookbook offers more — a meandering through a chef’s creative process and loads of inspiration. I’m giving all of my friends the debut tome from L.A.’s cult restaurant Sqirl, because even though the recipes are ridiculously hard, the overall approach to flavors, layering, and eating is so unique it will give even the most seasoned home cooks some new ideas (like a deep-bottomed copper jam pot or a canning kit).

My husband and I cannot agree on the best way to boil water in the morning. (We also drink different things — I do Mariage Frères French Breakfast Tea, he does Stumptown decaf.) For looks and faster boiling, I favor the classic English Simplex kettle. He is not a fan of the way it spits water all over the counter when he makes his press coffee. In an attempt to settle this debate, I’m going to buy him a well-reviewed gooseneck kettle that goes straight onto the stovetop but looks nice enough to leave on the table.

My white couch at work gets a lot of traffic from the many meetings we have all day. Soft Mongolian lamb-fur pillows would make the women of the Cut feel warm and cozy when we’re napping or working.

I like to collect Acne scarves the way some women hoard Hermès (though I wouldn’t mind this one). Since I mostly wear black or navy cashmere J.Crew sweaters and Amo Babe jeans every day in the winter, throwing on a different colorful scarf makes it feel as if I’m adding some thought to my winter uniform. Also, they are extra long which I appreciate when I’m looping them several times around my neck on arctic days. This season I’d love the pale pink.

I’m not an iron-the-sheets kind of woman (even though, to be honest, there’s nothing better than sleeping on freshly washed, ironed linen sheets) but I still like a cozy bed. A few years ago somebody gave me a set of linen sheets from Area Home in grey, and have been pining for a second set. I love the way you can mix and match all the shades for a casual-fancy look.

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The Gifts Stella Bugbee Will Be Giving (And What She Wants)