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I Never Leave the House Without These Minty Toothpicks

When I was a child I bit my fingernails so vigorously that before I went to sleep my concerned mother would slather Vaseline on my hands and cover them with tube socks so they could heal overnight. It was an unorthodox method that helped for a time, but I never truly kicked the habit. To be totally honest, I still do it today.

As an adult, the only thing that has helped curb my nail biting is Tea Tree Therapy Mint Toothpicks. They come in packages of approximately 100 and are made of birchwood. The tea-tree-oil-and-mint combination provides an intense flavor, and the harder you bite down, the more pronounced it becomes. Obviously they also provide fresh breath, and these particular toothpicks are superior to gum in many ways. There is no sugar or unpronounceable chemicals added, they don’t produce that obnoxious chewing sound, and the tea-tree oil’s natural antiseptic qualities provide fresh breath while killing bacteria. Apparently, they even help people quit smoking. If you like them as much as I do, you buy them by the case from Whole Foods or Amazon.

If a friend or acquaintance hasn’t seen them before, they often ask why I carry them. I don’t try to explain myself, I just offer them a toothpick. Once they try it, they understand. I have single-handedly turned a lot of people into toothpick enthusiasts. Before I head out for the day I check my pockets for my phone, my wallet, my keys, and my beloved toothpicks. I never leave home without them.

Tea Tree Therapy Mint Toothpicks

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